If you’ve used Pinterest, you know that it serves many purposes.

It’s a search engine. Suggested catalog. Digital display board. A meeting place where tribal spirits can share ideas and inspiration.

And now, it’s also helpful for finding your next new Amazon product. 

Why Pinterest? Because popular trends often appear there before they appear on other platforms. So you can identify niche products that are about to take off… and get in on the action before the competition.

That’s the whole goal behind Helium 10’s new Pinterest discovery 

But, before you start exploring this useful feature, make sure you have added the Helium 10 Chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser. If not, don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. Just go to Helium10.com/extension. Click “Add to Chrome”. Then click the icon again to activate the extension.

 You’re ready to start using Helium 10’s Pinterest Trend Finder. 

To find the Trend Finder, go to the Helium 10 dashboard. Scroll about halfway down the page to “Find Trends”. Just below, you will find “What’s happening on Pinterest”. There you’ll find a search term that displays Pinterest’s current trends, along with a row of images that show and display the term. 

Every time you click “Restore” — the blue text link on the left below the search term image — another Pinterest search term appears:

Each new search term will reveal what is currently happening among Pinterest users. 

How do Helium 10 people get this useful information? They pull all the search terms in Pinterest Trends, sorted by search volume, from top to bottom. Next, they identify high-profile issues that have increased in recent weeks.

What can you do with this information? 

Keep clicking “Restore” until you find a search term you like. Then click “Open on Pinterest”, on the bottom right, under the search term. This will open up a series of Pinterest searches that follow graphs over time for the same term. Here’s a new chart for “Pediatric Nurses”: 

As you can see, this search term has had some ups and downs, but it’s still strong. But, at the time we captured this data, this issue is building up, with a little bit at the end.

That’s the secret in a nutshell. Find search terms that sound promising — and generally good search terms — and be ready to take the next step.

What is the next step? This is where Chrome extensions come in.

Click the Helium 10 icon in your navigation bar at the top right 

This will open the Chrome Helium 10 extension from the drop-down menu below the icon. 

Click “Search Products on Amazon”, the last item in the window. Then click “View analysis”.

You will get a page similar to this: 

Here are 10 Helium review pages for the Pinterest trend “Baby Boy”. It shows the product search process related to Amazon.com itself. It provides a great introduction to your next research process (whatever term you are looking for). 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the term “preschoolers” has seen a steady increase in search volume on Amazon.com. At the time this screenshot was taken, the search volume stood at 13,365, with only 555 competing products. We’d say it’s pretty cool! 

In contrast, “kids room decor” has stiff competition – and relatively low searches. So even if you love cute baby decor, you might consider focusing on hangers instead. These humble hangers may seem boring compared to the beautiful bed and wall hangings. But they can be the best way for Amazon sales and revenue. 

What if you’re looking for a Pinterest trend that isn’t product related — say, chocolate cheesecake or a Cajun gumbo recipe? There is a good chance that the 10th helium search page will show related products such as cake pans, soup bowls and dinner plates, 

But even if these search terms are not required, you can search for them yourself. That’s the beauty of Helium 10’s open Pinterest trend finder. One action can suggest a variety of others, including some related to niche products perfect with good trendlines in terms of volume. 

In all your research, make sure you base it on the data and not your preferences. The best method is: 

Want to take a closer look at product capabilities? 

Enter your search term in the niche tab of the Helium 10 Black Box, which you will find under “Product Search” in the Helium 10 dashboard. and click the “Search” button. 

For “Pediatric Nurses”, this search type brings up this page:

As you can see, this result confirms the previous findings that nursery hangers are a good bet! 

 Helium 10 offers many additional tools to help you find the perfect product 

 But this tool – Pinterest Trend Finder – is particularly effective. But it turns out that sometimes you have to go through Amazon to find a good Amazon deal!

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