When you buy your business and/or product, what do you expect from it? Chances are customers will react positively to your ad or website, see themselves in your market, and want to buy what you’re selling. 

Most of the time, what I see online is text and images that talk about the company and/or the product, but don’t directly relate to the customer. 

Strange, isn’t it? Think of the level of success you could achieve with your copy if you targeted it specifically at your favorite customers.

Target Customer Print Example #1 

Main Helix – Hydro Helix Drink Mix 

As a competitive outdoor pickleball player, I’m always on the lookout for electrolyte replacement products to restore my sweat balance. 

Sure, there are regular sports drinks, but when I read the labels, I see a lot of artificial colors, tons of sugar (or artificial sweeteners), and other unwanted ingredients.

On top of that, I see a list of all the things I can’t identify or say! 

I consider myself a wise person who has researched what is good for me and what is not good for me, so I don’t want to drink too much. 

That’s why my eyes widened when I read the label of Body Helix Hydro Helix Electrolyte Drink Mix.

The tagline “Fuel for Superhumans” on the front of the label immediately caught my eye because it was funny and I’d like to believe it had something to do with me. (Well, some days.) 

But when I turned the bag aside and read the first sentence, it seemed to me that this cocktail was meant to be mixed.

“Hydro Helix is ​​a high-performance drink for athletes who are smart about their homework and want the best.”

As someone who is interested in my own health, I read every word of this label. Helix Body does a great job of explaining the difference between carbs and the side effects of too much sugar. They also explain (in a short space) the function of electrolytes and why their system is suitable for my needs. 

Target Customer Print Example #2 

Box of oppression 

Obviously, this company is trying to write a very targeted text. If you click on the link above (for the title), you will be taken to the target page. 

It shows the true story of a woman and her dog who struggled to find toys that this giant shield wouldn’t destroy in 15 seconds. Then close with his enthusiasm for Box Bullymake. This link came from my Google search. 

However, if you go directly to the front page of the Bullymake Box, you will see a completely different style. Although the focus is still on owners of large and/or strong dogs, it is not a complete description.

Target Customer Print Example #3 


Known for catering to the needs of the professional and/or outdoor enthusiast, Huckberry caters directly to its online customers. Take this waxed car jacket, for example. The leaflet that describes it also speaks to the buyer.

It’s not just about what the jacket is made of or when/where to wear it. Instead, he inserts moments from the client’s life into the book with statements such as “Every time you pick up a beer, tie your shoes, or ride a bicycle, you will -leave a personal label.” 

That will be no small complaint for the CEO. But hard-working Americans, who get their hands dirty and appreciate quality, will know right away that this is a place to shop. 

An example from example 3 is being written 

You can also do this with your copy. But in order to speak to your audience in a meaningful way, the first thing you need to do is to know your target audience as deeply as possible. 

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