I’ve had enough! I’m really frustrated with the confusion and the slow YouTube video editor, so I wanted an alternative. I noticed that Windows has a built-in video editor, but after using it a few times, it became a bit awkward. 

Of course, there are software products like Camtasia, but for my purposes, that’s a bit much. Th77at’s when I decided to do something online and I was surprised by what I found. 

Did you know that Canva has a video editor? It’s part of their Canva Pro feature, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to learn and use. 

But not only that.

It turned out that the Canva Pro plan that I had been paying for for the past three years was more valuable than I thought. In addition to templates and design software, there are also: 

Let me give you a quick rundown of what each of these little miracles do.

I really like Canva’s video editor. I watched part of this YouTube video and I saw that how to use it with others is incredibly easy and intuitive, so I figured it out myself.

Here are some of the great features included in Canva Video Editor: 

If I just bought Camtasia, it would cost $300 per user, then another $50 per year to renew. Canva Pro costs $120 per year (if paid annually) for 5 users, including a video editor, and other things I haven’t told you about.

  1. Canva background is excluded 

It was another pleasant surprise. I tried five or six different background removers and they were all a little wonky. They didn’t do enough work. There will be broken or missing parts that should be removed from the picture. They all wanted me to go back and manually polish the final product. 

Not Canva! Even photos with complicated backgrounds look good. Here is an example of the final result of Canva Background Remover. 

And it works in seconds. 

  1. Presentation on Canvas 

Canva is all about templates and Canva templates are no different. There are thousands of slideshow templates to choose from, and like everything else on Canva, they’re highly customizable. 

Change objects, colors, add text, images or videos. You can upload directly from Canva. My only concern is that there is no way to edit the text. 

For example, in PowerPoint, you can easily set up a bullet point to appear on each click. This cannot currently be done in Canva. Maybe they will add that later.

However, the easiest way is to move the slider and add your next bullet point. Repeat this slide and add the third bullet and so on 

  1. Content Planner / Scheduler

If you’re tired of paying monthly for a content editor/content manager, Canva Pro has you covered. It will automatically dump your content to: 

Although you can use multiple accounts on these platforms, Canva Content Planner does not allow you to share it with your team. They say they plan to implement this capability soon.

  1. Canva Resizer 

Speaking of social media, isn’t it a pain to create something new for Facebook, Pinterest, etc.? ? With Canva Resizer, you don’t have to! 

With just a few clicks, Canva will convert Facebook posts to match Pin layouts, Instagrams and more. It also works with many superhuman posts. Just to name a few: videos, infographics, posters, posters, wallpapers and more.

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