Amazon has its own rules for selling products in different categories. One of the biggest problems that sellers face when selling on Amazon is restrictions on certain categories. This means you can’t sell what you want. To meet market and customer needs, Amazon makes regular changes to its closed and unclosed listings.

Amazon Product Categories

When setting up an Amazon FBA business, you need to know which models you are allowed to sell. Amazon has two types of products: open and restricted.

Sellers do not need any permission from Amazon to sell their products for open source, so they are the best option for beginners. When you have an Amazon account (individual or business plan), you can start selling your products in an open format.

However, some articles require Amazon approval and are called closed or restricted categories. Here, we focus on the closed Amazon section. 

Amazon restricted Categories 

Selling products and brands from Amazon’s product range requires approval from Amazon. These restricted articles are called closed. It would be best to read the “Help with Banned Products” page when offering a product to list on Amazon.

Amazon strives to avoid selling counterfeit products to its customers through these restrictions. It is one of Amazon’s rules that the brand remains trustworthy. Oftentimes, Amazon may request a performance check and additional fees for these restricted sections. 

The following Amazon groups need support in 2022: 

What is the meaning of not ungated?

Amazon does not allow you to sell products from multiple categories until you are approved as a new seller. 

Amazon treats unscrupulous sellers who try to sell cheap and fake products as the first. Therefore, Amazon prohibits certain categories, subcategories or categories. Sellers must prove that they are legitimate in order to obtain the privilege of selling these items.

When newbies are allowed to sell these products, it means they are not safe on Amazon. 

Why does Amazon block some categories? 

Nowadays, thousands of products are listed on Amazon for sale. Products offered on an Amazon seller account for sale must comply with all regulations and rules. Also, they have to follow Amazon’s rules.

Amazon restricts access to certain articles 

Sellers cannot sell dangerous and illegal products on Amazon. In addition, the sale of prescription-only products is not permitted. The most important reasons why Amazon supports these restrictions are: 

How to Get Ungated on Restricted Categories?

The checkout process on Amazon is simple.

  1.  First, you will have an Amazon seller account with a professional plan. The monthly price is $39.99. 
  2. On the Amazon website, go to “Seller Central”. Then select “Product” and click “Add Product” afterwards.
  3. Browse by category, subcategory or brand and find the closed product you want to sell. By searching for the brand, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), name, it is possible to find this type of product.
  4. When the selected product appears in the search results, click “Add List”. 
  5. Now click on “Request Approval”. 

The next step depends on the category or category that you have chosen to save. Although some articles are difficult to open, in general, for most of these articles, Amazon will request other documents as below:

In addition to all of the above, Amazon may have other requirements. For example, the Fine Art category requires three years of sales on Amazon to be presented. To sell pharmaceutical products, FDA approval is required and the seller must follow a number of restrictive guidelines.

Remember that Amazon does not always allow applications for the same category to be blocked. Below is an example of a game collection, which is displayed in Amazon Seller Central: 

In general, Amazon does not explain the reasons for rejecting unwanted applications. This may be because their requirements have been modified or their application has been updated. It seems that the Amazon login process is sometimes mysterious and unclear.

Amazon Ungating Service Providers 

You can follow the steps outlined in the previous section to unblock Amazon. But remember that issuing invoices and other documents takes time. At the same time, Amazon’s policy may be violated, which may be the reason for your failure to leave. 

But, you can make this process easier and less risky with professional help. Some companies offer you restricted hosting services similar to Amazon. They give you a “cancellation plan” and walk you through the process of getting support from canceling on Amazon. 

Although they are expensive, if you can get ungated on profitable categories, eventually, you can cover this cost and end up with a good profit. Here are some of the best deals on Amazon: 

If you no longer wish to benefit from a product, category or category, visit Amazon’s Ungating Services page. 

Tips to increase your access to Amazon 

At first, Amazon gives you general instructions, but does not explain the details of the cancellation process. In some cases, if it rejects your request to share with amazon, it may not give you a reason. Here is a list of some useful tips that can help you increase your chances of not getting banned from Amazon: 

  1. Provide contact details of the provider 

 You should include your supplier’s contact information when you do your e-commerce business through Amazon FBA or dropshipping. Seller certifications help Amazon support your credibility, trust, and credibility. A very important thing with Amazon is to pay your suppliers on time. You must have the following items: 

  1. It is better not to use the editing method for the invoice 

 To avoid unscrupulous sellers trying to play the game, Amazon has banned some articles. Therefore, it is important to keep every part of your application process as accurate as possible. The best format is a PDF file. 

  1. Pay attention to the address 

 It is best to have a matching “Bill To” and “Ship To” address. This will give you a better chance to sell on Amazon. So fill out your application with new information.

  1. Send the completed invoice

The most important document to free yourself from Amazon quickly is to send a completed invoice. Also, some brands or groups may require more in your application. When the order is completed, an invoice is issued, which shows proof of payment. Think it’s different from the packaging. The following items are included in the invoice: 

All contact details of suppliers/manufacturers 

  1. Have good performance metrics 

 Amazon wants to make sure you can sell these banned articles before they are released. So it would be better to have a good reputation with customers and strong performance metrics.

To achieve this goal, you must follow these steps: 

  1. Convert Product IDs to ASINs 

 Converting all product numbers such as ISBNs, EANs, and UPCs to ASINs makes it easy for Amazon to identify all brands, products, and groups. Some products such as private label products, handmade products, product packaging, or auto parts do not have Product IDs, and you can request to end them with Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).

  1. Try another Amazon user 

 It became clear that some Amazon service providers were more difficult than others. So you can return your request when the operator rejects it. After a few days, apply again with another agent. 

  1. Try to submit the application during US business hours 

 If you want to customize your logo in Amazon’s system, it’s best to submit your application during normal business hours. It will help if the Amazon user requests more documents of the working time; you answered them immediately. 

  1. Choose these recognizable styles 

To get approval for a particular brand, you need to be prepared for the product, so choosing your product from a reputable company can help. To keep you free, Amazon has already identified the most popular companies. 

How long does it take to get back on Amazon?

It takes time to approve after you meet the requirements and submit yTo get approval for a particular brand, you need to be prepared for the product, so choosing your product from a reputable company can help. To keep you free, Amazon has already identified the most popular companies. 

How long does it take to get back on Amazon?

It takes time to approve after you meet the requirements and submit your unofficial application. There is no fixed time for this process, it depends entirely on Amazon. The application review process for some essays can take up to two weeks. But, there are other essays this process will take them 12 weeks. From experience, it is quick and easy to give up on certain types, such as sexual interests. In comparison, other articles like real jewelry have a long process 

Final Thought

Everything you need to know to avoid being banned from Amazon is covered in this article. One of the biggest problems that all sellers face when starting their e-commerce business is being banned from Amazon. However, sellers can submit support requests to Amazon by following the guidelines. Most articles can be closed, although restrictions on others may exist. As a result, you will get access to a large number of customers and be able to sell. However, sellers can use the transaction cancellation service to avoid risk and may be vulnerable to products that are restricted by Amazon.

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