A major part of your Amazon business is getting Amazon products. It takes some forethought to choose the right product to sell on Amazon. For getting products for Amazon, choosing the products that are in demand, popular, and at full value is the middle ground. In the medium, you will pick up the product and the products that have been well-researched. Of course, you think these products are worth pursuing. This article lists several tips to help you with Amazon FBA product sourcing. 

What is Amazon Product Sourcing?

Most of the time, sellers are overwhelmed when deciding which products are the most useful for finding Amazon products. Large sellers who thrive in competitive markets like Amazon have their own products for Amazon FBA Business. Brief Description of Amazon Product Sourcing is the process of finding good products from reputable and trusted suppliers at low prices to sell them on Amazon at high prices. It is important to rely on the subject of the source recognized by the authority of the public because not all sellers can create their own products.

How to get products from Amazon FBA 

It is not wise to buy random products and jump into the competition on a big e-commerce platform like Amazon. Even the best salespeople can lose money. To gain unimaginable value in the age of e-commerce, many new and unique methods, sources, and platforms are emerging. These are very useful for online arbitration lists. In fact, by using product research, you can get the best insight into customer preferences, and market trends, and analyze future prospects. This is the most popular advertising method for Amazon.

Online Arbitrage

One of the easiest ways to start selling on Amazon is through online bidding, which many profitable businesses do. The practice of buying financial products online and selling them on marketplaces like Amazon for a profit is known as online arbitrage. 

The best advantage of online litigation is that it is convenient and you can do it from your home office. You don’t even have to touch the product, just pay shipping and like everyone else. This is because when the price difference is large in two markets, you can make a big profit. Generally, for beginners who don’t have a big budget, online marketing is a risky type of business to start. 

Retail Arbitrage

Another type of business you can sell on Amazon is a business arbitration. There is a simple idea behind this complex sentence. Basically, the process of buying products at low prices from physical stores or online retailers and then selling them on Amazon is explained here and there. -online sales and quality ratio is described as a waste. Although this process is simple, it is not easy. You have to put in a lot of time and effort to be successful. Researching different markets is key to comparing the prices of certain products. 

Drop shipping 

The next method of acquiring products for Amazon that can generate high returns for the most demanding sellers is to pitch. In this system, sellers place orders on behalf of a distributor, manufacturer, or supplier because they do not put the product in a warehouse before selling it.

Normally, after a customer bids and buys the product, the salesperson’s job begins by asking the delivery person to make the sale. The ordered items are delivered directly to the customers. Unlike traditional business models, shipping doesn’t require a lot of money. So it is fashionable among businessmen. 


The practice of buying branded products directly from manufacturers or producers by individuals or companies in large quantities at low prices is shopping. In this type of business that gets products for Amazon, sellers can buy goods in bulk, which are offered at discounted prices. Think that in wholesale there is no middleman. You are known as a supplier of: 

Private label 

Last but not least, Amazon’s approach to product acquisition is private label. In this process, you browse the products that Amazon is looking for. Then collect them and call them yours. Choosing the right product is important and will be very beneficial. However, by creating your own brand, you are trying to create a representation of these existing products, which requires other efforts. But it’s worth it because you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors and have a better chance of standing out. The result will be an increase in your sales.

How to find profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA 

You can determine the most profitable products on Amazon FBA by following these steps:

  1. Look for top products through keywords

The search result is the best way to determine what sells the most on Amazon. You can see the search result by entering the random keywords or specific products you want to sell.

What can make you confident about the future of this product is the sound that makes sense. So it is good that the monthly search volume is at least 100,000 to consider this product. 

  1. Durable Items

 Non-destructive and durable products are the best choice for beginners. Any damage during shipping may result in negative reviews from your customers on your first attempt. Therefore, it is best to choose something that is less challenging. 

  1. Check the shipping cost and dimensions of your product

Go for products that are lightweight and small in size. It helps you save on shipping costs.

  1. Choose a product with a Best Seller Rating (BSR) 

Best Sellers gives you information about which products are currently selling on Amazon. An item may have more than one BSR since many products are sold in multiple categories on Amazon. 

  1. Learn from the experts 

People who are successful on Amazon can be your inspiration. Read their stories and learn from their failures. It helps to read books written by successful marketers and learn their strategies. 

The best tool for finding products to sell on Amazon 

Choosing the right software to help you with your Amazon FBA business is critical to success. These tools and software can help you find an online solution. 

Below, the top five useful tools are listed: 

This tool helps marketers grow their business significantly. It can identify trends, optimize product listings, keyword rankings, and spy on competitors. It receives hijacker notifications for your ads. 

Keepa is a chrome extension that has huge data on all Amazon products and their history. Price history charts, live prices and ready to drop prices are the most useful data you can get with this app. Keepa is expensive and not suitable for all sellers.

This is another Amazon product discovery tool. It’s like both a web app and a chrome extension. Using this tool, sellers can find product ratings, revenue, seasonal sales data, Amazon keyword research. 

Revseller is a chrome extension to help you make product decisions faster and more efficiently. It provides you with data on price history, market level, group, ROI and profit margin, number of FBA and MFN sellers, etc. This tool is available for use on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca markets and has a 30-day free trial.

This tool is for online shopping and helps you find useful products. It is a chrome extension. Using product analysis, it can analyze size and color data. It also has an ROI calculator. 

Important tips for successful product sourcing for Amazon FBA 

Amazon’s e-commerce business has grown significantly during the pandemic and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. These critical tips can impact your success in creating products for Amazon FBA. 

  1. Value comparison  

You need to calculate your shipping and handling fees for every product you want to sell on Amazon. Selling selected products will only be profitable if your expenses are less than Amazon’s selling price.

  1. Product reviews are changing 

If you want to predict future supply needs, it is important to have a continuous analysis of the Amazon product system. It’s good to keep your inventory on top selling products. This decision can reduce unnecessary costs of product storage, packaging and shipping.

  1. Find a reliable supplier

Providing high quality products and delivering them on time makes a reliable supplier. This is important for Amazon FBA transactions. You need to support the authenticity of your suppliers, regardless of their location.

  1. Organize your suppliers 

 Different suppliers are important to the success of your business on Amazon.

 For product quality and to evaluate costs and benefits, try to contact several suppliers when starting your product. There are always unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays with your first chosen suppliers. Therefore, it is wise to have more than one option of supply.

Final thought 

Getting products for sale on Amazon is not a complicated process. In this article, many well-researched tips for getting Amazon products are gathered for you in one place. This is information that will help you choose with confidence how to get products for Amazon. There are ways to find profitable products, such as using a product finder. Also, some professional companies like OABeans offer high quality to the marketers.

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