The diversity of Amazon is one of its significant advantages that allows consumers to buy with confidence from Amazon. As a seller, you can easily create your Amazon account and start listing your products and services. However, some categories, categories and subcategories cannot be sold on Amazon to protect customer trust. Sellers must meet the conditions in this article to sell Amazon Restricted Categories and Brands. 

What is an Amazon restricted domain?

Due to demanding manufacturers, Amazon has banned many types of products. If a certain type is banned, it means you have to go through the approval process to qualify and be allowed to sell. These articles are also called Amazon Restricted. 

Becoming insecure in these categories means lower competition and higher profits.

We need to understand the types of products that are banned from Amazon and try to free ourselves from this type of product. 

Besides the need for Amazon’s permission to post your ad in these groups for the Amazon FBA service, it is also necessary to get some performance and meet the requirements. 

What brands are banned from Amazon?

Amazon’s restricted category has been very brief in recent years as Amazon decided to limit submissions for niche subcategories on Amazon. 

Currently, the following articles are closed on Amazon: 

What are Amazon Restricted Marks? 

After a sudden increase in counterfeit products from major brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Lego in 2016, Amazon implemented this brand ban. Of course, for this supermarket, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. 

Amazon sellers who resell arbitrage gifts online should be aware that this restriction may vary from country to country. 

You may not be protected in a group, but you are not allowed to sell all the tokens in that category. Sometimes Amazon bans the entire brand, while other times it only bans a specific product line or branded product. When a seller wants to sell these gated brands, they will need permission from Amazon.

What brands are banned from Amazon? 

As trademark owners become more aggressive in protecting their trademarks, trademark restrictions become more common. Since Amazon has not yet released an official list of banned brands, the brand restrictions are confusing for retailers. Sometimes the entire brand is restricted, sometimes it can be restricted by category or product line within the brand or just one ASIN.

There is an open source list provided by the seller’s help tool to identify banned brands on Amazon. The list is really long, but here are some famous closed brands: 

Why does Amazon block certain categories and brands?

While starting to sell on Amazon is easy to get started, it’s hard to learn. 

Certain products and brands such as luxury jewelry, bags and clothing are easily counterfeited. In many countries, it is a crime, and the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods is also subject to criminal penalties. 

Brand owners have this right to protect their brand and not let third party sellers put their brand at risk.

As Amazon has consumers in mind, it wants to reduce the sale of counterfeit products on its site. So, for some brands and models, Amazon has banned sellers, especially new ones, for the following reasons: 

This policy encourages consumers to buy products from Amazon without verification.

How do I know if a brand or brand is restricted? 

The best and easiest way to find out if a product has been blocked is to check the status of your Amazon seller account. As you continue your Amazon business and sell other items, you will not be protected in any way. So every seller’s account has a list of closed and closed. So, if you want to be sure that you can sell in a category or brand, try adding an ASIN from that category, category or brand to your seller account (Catalog-Add Product) . 

If you click on the “Show restriction” button, it will show you if this product is blocked. If this is repeated for other ASINs of this brand or group, you are closed for this brand or group.

How to get Ungated from Amazon Restricted Section?

A generally insecure approach to Amazon’s Tried Trademarks is to issue trademark ownership licenses that are not available to all sellers. 

Your Amazon health standards should be good. It means: 

After ensuring that you meet Amazon’s health standards, you must begin Amazon’s approval process. Now follow these steps:  

You can do the posting yourself to save time and use Amazon’s post service. This process has no negative impact on your account, and in just 24 hours you can get protection for any type, type, or even the same product. This service is not only for professionals, but beginners are also welcome.

Final thought 

Although Amazon’s restrictions on brands, models, or products seem frustrating, it is understandable for sellers. Such a decision will always be available, since the sellers can request that it not be blocked. If Amazon FBA sellers want to take their business to the next level, they should start the withdrawal process immediately. Breaking out of a closed category and brand will open up a larger audience for them, which will help them grow their business. Finally, if you are a novice Amazon FBA seller or you don’t want to waste time and money on a restricted Amazon product category, the online trial method of OABeans and Fayot’s list is 100% safe.

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