Are you looking for real, golden, life-changing products for your Amazon business? And nobody brought it to you on a plate, and it won’t magically appear in front of you. You need to analyze current market trends to select “winning” products that can generate high sales. Amazon is like an ocean with over 500 million products. It will be best if you decide before you go into it. You will spend a lot of time on product research; otherwise you will fail in your business. You may be in between the following groups: marketers who make decisions based on their limited observations or those who follow specific criteria. Follow this article for more details and tips on finding products. 

What is Amazon product search?

The most important and important step in starting your business as an Amazon seller is finding great products. Product hunting involves studying and monitoring current market trends to select “winners” with the highest potential for success and increased sales.

The main goal is to find products at the lowest prices in the market and sell them at a competitive price with a high profit margin on the Amazon market. For example, selling a set of warm socks for $25 on Amazon is possible, but if these qualities are not good, you can get negative feedback from buyers, which can affect your business.

 So, having a great review is just as important as having a high-ranking online referral list. 

Why is product discovery important on Amazon?

This important step is important because of the market, you cannot sell any product without hunting. So you need to research the market and get a brief knowledge of it. Without learning these techniques, you will have the greatest chance of failure. 

There are criteria in the top products of Amazon and if you follow them, you will have more chances to get a sale on Amazon.

The old way of finding products for products that sell on Amazon is to use a paper to filter good products because the best tools do not exist to do it easily. But, nowadays, there are thousands of free market estimation tools that can help you find the market volume of any product. 

How to Do Product Hunting?

It is important to look for products that can change the life of any new trader. Therefore, they should always check the products wisely by researching and analyzing the correct data. Also, you need experience to find gold products. 

In general, you can dispose of products manually or with automated devices. Obviously, manual analysis and data collection are more time-consuming. To search for products quickly and efficiently, you can use automated tools. Some of the popular product identifiers are: 

Here are some of the best basic tips for product tracking: 

1) Do not misuse product names 

 When researching any of the products and devices mentioned above, you need to be careful not to get confused by product names; because you can get wrong grades or chance by using wrong words. So avoid rookie mistakes and use keywords.

 2) Look for products with high demand and low competition 

 Finding products with high and medium demand is critical. This means that the products in your Amazon store take longer to sell.

You need to analyze the number of your competitors to know if this is the right product to choose. The more competitors you have, the more effort you have to make to rank higher for visibility. Therefore, a good situation is to look for products that have a high sales volume and few sellers. 

3) Get a good review 

 Basically, social support is expressed through research, so the more of that you have, the happier you will be. There is a sense of security and trust when a customer sees a review. Therefore, conversions increase with positive reviews, while negative reviews can decrease your sales. 

Amazon has been under heavy scrutiny lately. Therefore, new sellers should avoid products with reviews between 500 and 5000 because they have a strong market and want to spend a lot of money. 

Professional sellers generally recommend choosing products that have 3 of the top 10 sellers and have less than 50 reviews.

 4) Consider keyword search volume 

 This is very important in Amazon hunting products. Sales and marketing professionals look at people entering the market. As people enter the store; the more the product can sell. Therefore, you should treat keyword search volume exactly the same way.

The more people search for keywords, the higher the chance of sales, so you should never look for products with low search volume. By using the right tools, you can get all the data. They conduct professional and accurate market research and evaluate the best products for your customers. 

5) Use the right product name 

 When you are reviewing a product, it is mandatory that you use keywords. You should not misuse the name of the product, especially when you use a tool like Jungle Scout, because the wrong word will give you the wrong level of data. 

6) Consider time. 

 It is important to choose products that are timeless, which means that they have a hot sales rule for only one time or are in demand for only one year. You can check Google Trends and know about product demand trends. However, seasonal products are known as a no-go for beginners. Generally, these types of products are sold by retailers or companies.

 7) Check the consistency of product behavior 

 All the things mentioned above such as topic analysis, demand, time express data for one time. So, to monitor stock behavior and find out if it happens regularly, you need to set a specific time.

 This period should be a few weeks to a month or sometimes longer depending on the product. Some tools like Keepa can be very useful to show the age of your competitors. Also, you can see the market price patterns over time. 

8) Find the average revenue and average monthly unit sales 

 $5,000 is the average cost for a targeted product niche, according to experienced marketers. You can tell what is the total sales in terms of $ and it also shows the sales volume of the product. In addition, the number of units is another indicator of sales volume. If the number of units sold is 300, you can assume that there is enough space for new sellers. 

9) Good range  

In some ways, it is difficult for new people to estimate how much they will sell and how much they will be able to buy the product. Therefore, it is recommended for new sellers to choose products that cost between $15 and $40. 

10) Need room for improvement 

You should check customer reviews for new and customized versions of your product range. Most of the time, customers write down suggestions and what they want and ask the brand to provide them. This is how you can provide solutions to customers, add value to the market and create new products.

By clicking the link below, you can check the margin and get a reasonable idea: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/hz/fba/profitabilitycalculator/index?lang=en_US 


11) Check the seller’s status 

 Basically, there are no set rules that dictate how Amazon calculates seller ratings. It seems that having the highest BSR products at the highest market value plays a key role.

Here are some BSR-approved articles: 

The original BSR product is 100 – 20,000  

Competitive product range BSR 250 – 20,000 

Original product BSR 100 – 7,500 range  

Competitive product range BSR 250 – 80,000 

Original product BSR 100 – 2,500 range  

Competitive product range BSR 200 – 3,000 

Original product BSR 800 – 7000 range 

 What is the difference between product search and product search? 

Product research is actually a process of analyzing the trends and all the data that the market can provide to find the market niche and the products that have the most market share and the most important factors.

 At the same time, product hunting is known for discovering the best new products from product developers or manufacturers. 

Amazon sellers say product search is very useful. This is important for any business, but especially for private label sellers. Here are the pros and cons 

Benefits of product analysis 

Disadvantages of Product Research

Although product hunting is very useful for marketers who want to develop and sell new products. Here are some pros and cons of stock hunting: 

 Benefits of product analysis 

Disadvantages of product analysis 

Final thought 

In this article you can read a quick description of stock hunting. You will learn what it is and how to do it. Also, you will understand why product hunting is important on Amazon.

However, the difference between product search and product search and the advantages and disadvantages are explained. Many tools on the market provide you with timely information and accurate data to start selling quality products on Amazon. Product research is important for those who focus on product development.

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