Competitive prices are significant for online business on Amazon. All sellers should be careful not to offer their products at low prices because this leads to lower sales. On the other hand, high prices make consumers look for cheaper products. If you are a private label seller, analyzing the prices of your competitors is important. Also, you should try different pricing methods to choose the best one. Winning the “Buy Box” is the goal of the wholesale, judicial or even book sellers, which compete. This always scans your product and works. Otherwise, your sales will decrease. But manually rewriting multiple products in your marketing list is difficult and time-consuming. Here, the best Amazon Repricer tool can help you automatically navigate to any product and adjust the price. 


What is Amazon Repricing?

Simply put: Changing the price of a product in your Amazon Marketplace listing is called Amazon Repricing. In general, Amazon sellers often change their offer prices for many reasons such as price, competition, shipping, and company profit changes. 

In fact, competition is the main reason behind this trend in Amazon’s marketplace. You will be surprised to learn about 2.5 million daily price changes on Amazon. Every 10 minutes or so, prices change on individual listings. These price changes can help retailers keep prices competitive, increase sales, and make more profits. Most Amazon customers will not notice these ongoing price changes.

 However, there are some tools on the market that give you automatic Amazon repricing. These tools help you beat the “buy box” and sell more items with subtle price changes.

How does the Amazon Repricer tool work? 

Each Amazon Repricer tool can perform different functions depending on your order and specific parameters. Basically, you can choose the minimum and maximum price and set the minimum target value. Basically, sellers choose a preferred discount policy to fix the list price. Each show reacts according to a specific set of rules, a process that depends on each business competition. 

Software lowers or raises your price by comparing your price to competing products. By automatically changing the price of your products, these tools increase the ability to buy boxes, which affects the success of your Amazon business. 

You can connect the account to your Amazon Seller Central account after creating an account for the payment tool of your choice using the Amazon MWS key MWS stands for Marketplace Web Services. MWS has two parameters: 

The Repricer tool will use the MWS key to get every item sold in your listing. Entering the price of your product, choosing the competitor you want to compare, defining the price policy is possible when you sync your product with the Repricer app. After you complete all these steps, Amazon Repricer will start reprice your products on Amazon based on your criteria. 

Basically, some Amazon repricing tools have default rules, while others allow you to have a custom one. 

What is the difference between manual and automated filing?

Amazon sellers often change the price of their products in their listings based on the features they choose. In addition, in some Amazon events such as Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day or Cyber ​​​​​​Monday, the price changes, and the main purpose is to sell products for a long time, sellers and wants to get rid of them. .

In general, there are two types of Amazon Repricing: manual or automatic. 

When you manually set and change prices for their products, the entire process is manual. In this case, you have to check all the lists one by one, check the boxes, do all the calculations and enter the results. Going through all this is really exhausting. In addition, this tedious process can increase mistakes, so you must study everything carefully. Otherwise, you can sell at a loss. 

If you choose to automate your Amazon pricing, you must use the Amazon Publisher tool. Using the software, changing the price of the product in the Amazon listing will automatically be based on the pricing strategy you choose and help you win the Buy Box. Also, in some time, you can sell the number of the first unit. 

Once you define your plan, Amazon Repricer performs market research. It includes all critical competitive metrics and price changes. The reason why many Amazon sellers choose Amazon repricing tools to reprice their listings is: 

What points should you pay attention to when buying a repricer tool?

When it comes to Amazon Repricing tools, you have a few options. Most of the tools provide almost similar functionality. But, you can find speed, monthly subscription fee, user experience and many more. Although repeat campaigns are risky, choosing the right Amazon repricing tool is the key to reducing your risk and increasing your profit.

 There are 4 things to consider when choosing an Amazon Repricer tool. 

Fast and efficient 

When you want to increase your revenue by controlling your Buy Box, Amazon Repricing software should quickly react to price changes as soon as they happen. The tool can quickly calculate the changes that need to be implemented and do them immediately. Of course, you want your prices to be updated immediately, as some repricing tools reprice your products every 5 to 15 minutes. So if your platform is slow, you can’t beat the Buy Box. 

 Price of Repricer tool 

It’s not just the monthly subscription fee that matters. Of course, the return on investment is important. Some Amazon repricers are cheap, but inferior in efficiency and performance. So consider cheap as soon as possible because it throws away your income. Striking the right balance between cost and benefit is key to achieving high ROI and high profits.

 Innovations & Changes 

What makes the Repricer tool important is flexibility. The Amazon Repricer app should be able to handle most of the situations you will face. Another important aspect is to have a few foundations with advanced features.

 Free trial or money back guarantee 

Having a free trial is critical. Make sure that after creating an account, you have full access to the tool’s features before adding your payment details, such as credit card information.

 Best Amazon FBA App in 2022 

Almost every day a new Amazon Repricing tool hits the market. So it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Here, we select some of the best apps to show you. Let’s take a look at the best Amazon repricing tools to help you optimize your Amazon business.

 1) Xsellco 

Whenever necessary, Xsellco changes and updates product prices on Amazon in 7 specific plans 24/7. The starting price is $85 per month and goes up to $1,249. With instant feedback, it’s faster than your competitors. It can easily handle large volumes.



2) Informed (previously known as Appeagle) 

This is a popular app for simulating price changes through proven strategies. Its plans start at just $49 per month. Also, it has the first 14 days of free trial. It tracks important metrics using graphs and charts that can be adjusted to see profits, sales, and more. It offers different ways to analyze the competition. 



3) Bqool

BQool Repricing is an automated repricing solution for Amazon sellers. You can start your 14-day trial without entering your credit card information. Pricing for its Big Central Basic plan starts at $10 per month. It has a flat rate of $500. It has 5 plans each of which has a default setting including dynamic, incremental, moderate, dynamic and sales/profit based.




It bills itself as the “Best Amazon AI Repricer”. This tool has a 15-day free trial with no credit card required. Prices for the fast program start at $250 per month and go up to $800. You can reduce storage costs, analyze competitors, manage inventory, evaluate your own sales against others. BuyBox returns and more functionality.



5) Repricer.com 

This tool is very fast and reacts to competitor changes within 90 seconds. Considering many factors such as reviews, price, product depth, and execution, Amazon’s algorithm wins the Buy Box. Based on these factors, “Repricer” automatically adjusts your price.


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6) Feedvisor

Feedvisor is an AI-powered solution for Amazon, and it has a 60-day trial for all sellers. It is another award-winning analyst that responds to dynamic and immediate market conditions. They offer nine different plans. You can choose the amount and location of your money. 



7) ChannelMax 

These tools have different functions. It offers Amazon search tools, price management, automatic conversion and Amazon FBA, multi-channel inventory management. In addition, ChannelMAX has a trial period of 30. ChannelMAX rewards the monthly subscription based on the number of SKUs and the speed of reception. The minimum plan starts at $34.99 for 500 SKUs (stock keeping units) and every 2/3 quarter turns (also known as periodic returns). As the number of SKUs increases, the cost increases. 



8) RepriceIt

RepriceIt.com is a price management solution that helps sellers increase profits by keeping Amazon prices competitive. In addition, it allows sellers to adjust their pricing to best suit their business model. The trial period is 30 days and the price starts from $9.95 per month.



9) Seller Dynamics

SellerDynamic allows sellers to sell across multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard. The duration of this trial can be up to 14 days. Basically, the price range starts at $120 per month for a maximum of $140,000 in annual sales. 



10) Seller Engine (Sellerengine)

Last but not least, Amazon Repricer is a Sellery that helps sellers “increase Buy Box sales, profits and ownership.” You can get a 14-day free trial. This rate is 1% of gross monthly sales, with a minimum of $50 per month and over $2,000 per month. 



Final Thoughts 

The best way to start finding the right products to sell on Amazon is to use the Arbitrage Online Sourcing List. The next step will be a direct reprice to win the “Buy Box”. Hence, you need Amazon Repricer tool which we have identified the 10 best in the post above. Regarding the last point, you have the option to try them for free. All have a minimum of 14 days free trial, with no credit card required.

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