In recent years, Amazon has been slowly improving product security. First, in the summer of 2020, FBA sellers face new restrictions, making it difficult to launch new products on Amazon. The limitation is that the number in the ASIN level is only 200 units. Amazon removed the new variable after that. In April 2021, ASIN level restrictions were lifted and Amazon introduced a range of security level models. The available inventory storage space is six different types of storage: clothes, aerosol, shoes, light, oversize, standard size and recently, as of January 1, 2022, Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index (IPI) for storage size becomes 400 (previously 500). Although as part of its strategy, Amazon is expanding its security capabilities. The main purpose of this restriction is to prevent large shipments during the holidays, because this consumes storage space. 

What is Amazon Inventory Storage Limit?

 Amazon’s storage capacity is based on volume and is measured in cubic feet and represents the amount of merchandise you can store in an Amazon fulfillment center. These inventory storage limits are enforced to effectively manage central storage space.

 In this way, products will be shipped quickly and consumers will receive them quickly. As you increase storage volume, your current and potential storage capacity is reflected. This information is available in your product performance dashboard and shipping queue. 

However, the criteria for maximum security are as follows:

They have a storage capacity of 10 cubic feet, the value does not change. Seller accounts are not subject to margin increases. 

Depending on the following criteria, they may or may not have a very low margin of safety: 

  1. Sellers do not have to maintain a safe margin for standard sizes, apparel, clothing and footwear items if they maintain the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) of the required threshold or exceed the check point.
  2. Sellers will not receive maximum protection if they are new sellers who have been active for less than 26 weeks or sellers without complete sales data. to produce an IPI score within two weeks of score verification. 
  3. Commercial accounts with limited storage must have a minimum of 25 cubic feet for clothing, bulk, standard, or footwear products.

How many units can I ship with Amazon FBA 2022? 

In fact, the fulfillment limit determines how many units of your Amazon FBA product are allowed to be shipped to the fulfillment center. They are organized by security type. 

The restructuring rate is independent of the Performance Index (IPI) and is self-imposed. They are determined based on your past and expected sales. If your IPI score is more than 500, you will not have any extra savings on top of the top-up limit.

 What is Amazon Oversized Storage? 

The type of storage where usage has exceeded the limit and the plan fee has been applied is called the storage type. Therefore, it has two categories: Standard size and Oversize. Sortable is a standard item size; unsortable is the same as Oversize.

 Here is a table to determine the product size: 


 Clothing: For all standard small and large items that weigh more than 0.75 lbs and for small, medium, and large items, Amazon uses volumetric weight when larger than one size. Non-Apparel: Amazon will use Dimensional Weight when greater than Unit Weight for all standard large, small over medium, medium and large sizes. 

How do I find the highest product rating on Amazon?

You need to follow these steps to find these numbers: 

  1. First, go to the “Inventory Dashboard” Amazon Seller Central (http://sellercentral.amazon.com/inventory-performance/dashboard/ Login required).
  2. Second, go to “Inventory Performance”. After that, scroll down to click on your “Restock Limit” and find the “usage amount” in your “Restock Limit”, known as “Max Inventory Level”.

How can I increase my Amazon savings? 

At this time, and due to the FBA Inventory Policy Policy, you are not allowed to create a new shipment on Amazon for any type of storage until your inventory level falls below your limit. for this type of protection.

 This is an example. When your current limit for standard-size products is 25 cubic feet and you have 26 cubic feet of standard-size inventory in the Amazon fulfillment center, you cannot create a new shipment of standard-size inventory.

 In addition, if your large inventory is below your storage limit, you can create a large inventory shipment. Your additional merchandise may be rejected at Amazon’s fulfillment center if you ship more merchandise than the security limit allows.

What is the best IP address on Amazon?

All sellers must have a brand set by Amazon. If it falls below this threshold, Amazon will place a security limit on your account. This limitation is until you can improve the health of your inventory. At the time of writing, the average Amazon IPI ranges from 400 to 800.

 Ideally, you should have at least a 550 score. Although a score of 400 to 549 is still reasonable, care must be taken not to fall below the limit. There will usually be an IPI security limit if your score is below 350. In addition, you will have to pay a premium.

Remember to check the IPI portal on the Amazon website as it changes regularly. 

Every three months, Amazon calculates your IPI: 

Therefore, before placing too many products, Amazon warns you and gives you enough time to improve your score.

 You will be entitled to unlimited storage access for any of the six storage types if you pass the threshold within these two weeks of checking the score. 

Final Thoughts 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has experienced operational problems. So, he made a new update to recover from it. 

These updates have helped retailers organize their inventory before the holidays. Updates include a product safety range and a value recovery range. You will get unlimited storage space for any type of storage and take action to improve your business.

 Remember that using online auction listings is also effective in achieving success in your FBA business and avoiding failed inventory.

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