To be successful in online sales, Amazon sellers will need a list of valuable prospects. They can manually search, search with software, or buy these OA offers, but the last option (buying a help list online) is hassle-free and easy, especially for new sellers. . In the following article, we will explain OABeans online short supply list and their features. 

What Is an Online Arbitrage Sourcing List?

Online referral lists are usually Excel or Google documents that include specific product sources. Sellers can buy these items from source sites and sell them on marketplaces like Amazon at higher prices for a profit.

 How does OABeans prepare online arbitration lists? 

Unlike other OA list providers, in OABeans we see offerings in hand and half hand.

Our team manually searches vendor websites to find lucrative deals. Or, in a semi-manual, they want to use specific software for things that are not available on Amazon or that are available on Amazon, but their prices are lower on other sites. After that, they manually check the results to find anything that doesn’t match, scams, etc. After we confirm that the offers meet our criteria, we will list the products that can be judged on the Google Sheets for easy access.

We have many criteria, and types with different information, which we will explain next. 

What are the OABeans criteria for finding OA offerings?

We consider many factors that give directors money. The most important criteria are minimum return on investment, minimum profit, and maximum sales level for each method. As we have many OA lists, each list has its own bit. You can see the numbers on our pricing page.

Another very important thing is IP reporting verification. We do not offer dangerous, fragile or bulky products. Providing the items with many variations is our ultimate goal. Analyzing stock prices over the past 90 and 30 days is another must-do for us to find OA offers.

Keepa offers three schemas: 

In addition to price charts, we also analyze high-level charts and research charts and levels, which are very important for choosing a profitable product. These pictures must be accurate so that the product can be judged.

For example, look at the image below: 

This product has good ratings and good monthly sales. But there is a problem with this song! If you look closely at the rating table, you will see that the rating is good but it drops a lot at times. It may be due to Amazon coming in and out to sell this product. 

Other charts we examine are level and grade charts. Some products have been listed on Amazon for about 3000 days, but only received 8 reviews or no ratings. 

These top-selling products have an ascending review graph, and we keep these points in mind when looking for OA offers.

In addition, we check the chances of winning the Buy Box for each offer. If the item is Buy Box eligible, it will have a Buy Box badge on the waybill.

 We do not list private label products on our online arbitrage list. 

As you know, the number of sellers in any product is important. When many sellers have access to the same OA offer, those offers will be satisfied. To prevent sellers from having this problem and not thinking that the product is no longer available, our OABeans have limited the place in each list. According to the list, only 5 to 25 people get one gift. 

The latest feature that helps Amazon reviewers sign up to our service with peace of mind is the 3-day 100% money-back guarantee. This means that anyone who signs up can use our service for 3 days, and during these days, if he is not satisfied, he can ask for a full refund. 

The combination of these points makes OABeans unique and reliable prospect in the market.

 A step-by-step guide to using the OABeans online provisioning form 

In this section, we will explain how you can use our OA forms and the information in them. Let’s take the sheet below as an example: 

 Pinto’s notebook 

 Open the link above, and read the details below.

 The first column shows the number of transactions for the Pinto plan, which is between 7 and 10. Sellers can find product names in the second column. The third column is the source URL where the desired product is available, and the fourth column is the Amazon URL for the same product. 

The next column is the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), a unique 10-character identifier assigned by Amazon.com and its partners for product identification within the Amazon organization.

Each product type among Amazon’s 36 product types is shown in the next column.

 The price column shows the current net price of the product you want to buy on the website. This number may change in the next few minutes; This price is for the time the sheet is filled. What is shown in the next column is the selling price which is the temporary price of the product on Amazon and is constantly changing. 

You can see the net worth of each product in the next column. Besides the purchase price, some Amazon fees such as fulfillment fees, packaging, shipping fees, monthly storage fees and referral fees (which vary from 6% to 45%) must be deducted from the selling price to reach profit. net. 

In the tenth column, the ROI of each product is recorded. ROI is the net profit/cost of the source. 

In the badge column, there are two options: 30 days and 90 days. Some applications like Keepa show the price chart for each product during these periods and check the price changes. 

For example, the image below is the price report of the first pair on paper: 

the pair has a retail price of $26.99. We are analyzing this item’s price change chart for the last 90 days. If we consider the lowest price at that time and meet our criteria, the prospect will receive a 90-day badge. And the same for the 30-day badge.

Interestingly, the percentage ranking of the best sellers is calculated by dividing the current product ranking by the total number of products in each category. The percentage of the resulting number indicates the % BSR of the product. 

As you can see, the current BSR shows the highest level of the stock at this time, and the 90-day BSR is the average level of the previous 90 days.

 Buying a box represents the possibility of winning a Buy Box if the product is sold at the same or lower level. Amazon displays the ability to buy boxes for each seller in their Amazon panel, because it is not only based on the selling price, but also based on certain factors for each seller.

But what we discussed in this column means whether someone won the Buy Box and the sale price on our paper or not. 

In the monthly sales column, an estimate of the monthly sales of the product offered by the software is displayed. This figure is based on the current quality of the product, but the analysis is imprecise and may be an inaccurate estimate. 

The number of FBA competitors for each product is listed in the competitor column. More numbers mean more competition; on the other hand, a small number increases the probability of selling the product. 

Finally, all the details in the song are written in the notes column. For example, if free shipping is available for a product, or if a product source has a package deal for consumers, we will list it here. 

Final Thought

One of the easiest ways to get products for an Amazon FBA business or Amazon online arbitrage is to buy an online arbitrage list. OABeans, a leading provider of OA business services, claims that they have the best prospects and unique competitive features. In this article, we have tried to explain these things.tion.

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