Like any other business model, being an Amazon seller comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is answering customer questions about your ad in a professional and efficient manner. Since Amazon is a customer service company, it allows communication between the seller and the buyer, which improves customer service. Having open communication with customers and making them happy is an important part of your job that is worth the time and effort as it can help improve your ratings and increase customer satisfaction. Responding to customers appropriately is a practice that requires training and gives you a better chance of closing sales. This article shares important tips and tricks for answering customer questions on Amazon.

How to answer customer questions on Amazon? 

If you want to answer a customer’s question, you have to go this way: 

  1. Click “See all questions and answers”.
  1. See “Unanswered Questions” in the right column.
  1. select the question you want to answer 

Remember that not only the owner of the ad, but also other customers, who think they are experts in the product, can answer questions.

 Amazon marks the questions answered by the seller or manufacturer so that buyers can distinguish them. So whether you’re selling your own products or an online auction, try to answer those questions honestly and accurately.

 Of course, there are types and types of customers, but this path does not lead anywhere. We must provide the best experience at all times, interact easily and simply with each of them and provide answers to their requests. Let’s see how. 

What types of questions do customers ask? 

Amazon sellers can identify 3 types of questions:

User questions related to the purchase: shipping, billing, warranty, product, payment method, etc.

related to the product: characteristics, size, performance, etc. 

Questions where the user gives nothing: eg. – If I buy it now, can I get it back later?

 If you want to succeed in your Amazon FBA or FBM business, you must not ignore customer inquiries. 

To answer customer questions and turn them into sales, we have various tools such as feedback, calls to action, and above all, spend enough time to understand your customers’ needs. 

Here, we show you case examples and solutions that can help you sell more. 

Example – Product: Pants 

Q: Do you have size 36 or XL in stock? I was sent a message on your page. 

A: We currently have 36 sizes in stock; we can offer you other models.

In this case, we see a question that works where the customer requests a product of the product in the same amount. To prevent the conversation from ending with the answer, we recommend encouraging the customer to buy on the call to bring him closer to the sale. 

You can add a call to action to attract the applicant and motivate them to buy.

 If you have pants in stock, the correct answer might be: 

If you don’t have the product the person is asking for, you can offer them an alternative that is as close as possible to the product they are looking for: 

Is it necessary to answer all customer questions?

Customers ask about your product listing if something is unclear or if they need more product details. These questions help them decide whether to buy a product or not, so if you answer customer questions professionally and quickly, you increase your chances of selling your product. 

According to Amazon, these questions allow you to connect with your customers and have an open conversation. and products. This is useful in the long run because not only can you create a lasting connection with the customer who asked the question, but other customers who may have the same question can find their answer along the way. It’s easy to not post and wait for you to reply. 

Important tips for answering customer questions 

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