If you’re not a regular seller, Amazon affiliate marketing may be on your mind. Closed and closed Amazon products, different types of restrictions and reasons, and how to deal with restricted Amazon products are important points that every seller should know. As trademark owners become more aggressive in protecting their trademarks, trademark restrictions become more common. Since Amazon has not released the official name of the closed version, the brand restrictions confuse the sellers. Sometimes the entire brand is restricted, sometimes it can be restricted by category or product line within a brand or only by a specific ASIN. Likewise, this article provides guidance on Amazon’s cancellation service to help you get the right to sell closed products. 


What are Restricted Products?

Having the best shopping experience is Amazon’s best goal for its customers. Amazon began banning many brands and categories in 2016. Amazon does not have a single definition of what constitutes a banned product, and the ban generally varies from product to product. 

Restricted products, also known as closed products, are sold, but at the same time, they have certain rules or risks. It is especially important to get a certificate or approval from Amazon to sell closed products. 

Therefore, you have to go through the verification process, after which you are allowed to add the products to the Amazon list and sell them in any order, especially when you are trying to sell the case in line.

Which Products Are Restricted on Amazon?

Amazon will implement certain restrictive practices on sellers who offer products on restricted product pages or violate any of Amazon’s laws and policies such as  

Get ungate on all products, groups and types in the OABeans ungate service.

Additionally, selling substandard or illegal products on Amazon may result in legal and civil penalties. It is prohibited to sell on Amazon products that are dangerous, illegal or other prohibited products mentioned below, including products that are only available by prescription. Companies that offer online arbitration lists are aware of these restrictions. There is a long list of banned items on Amazon, which are listed below: 


Why Does Amazon Restrict Some Products?

In general, customers find Amazon trustworthy for purchasing products, and that is very valuable to Amazon. Since sellers can misrepresent and misuse the products, Amazon has implemented additional security measures. Amazon has rules and regulations that products that are offered for sale must be followed by Amazon. In addition, sellers must follow Amazon’s rules. Therefore, the main thing to prevent some products from Amazon is the security problem, the risk of fraud, the reputation of Amazon. Below, it is discussed in detail.

1) Amazon is famous for its customer service, and the company is very strict about it. Amazon tries to maintain a good shopping experience by restricting certain products. You must meet certain requirements to unlock these products. 

2) Some products and categories are prone to counterfeiting. Luxury jewelry, bags and clothes are more likely to be fake than others. In many countries, it is a crime, and the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods is also subject to criminal penalties.

Brand owners have this right to protect their brand and not let third party sellers put their brand at risk. 

3) Some companies have policies to increase perceived brand value. They protect the distribution system and do not sell their products to other sellers. In this way, they only sell their products.

4) Some products and brands are exclusive to network marketing companies and their distributors are not authorized to sell these products on Amazon. 

5) Some products are more sensitive, such as medicine or baby products. They have more safety concerns and product recalls due to defects that compromise consumer safety. 

6) Some products like perfumes are limited. 

How to Find Out If a Product Is Restricted?

The best and easiest way to find out if a product has been blocked is to check the product in your Amazon seller account.

As you progress with your Amazon business and sell more items, other products will no longer protect you. So every seller’s account has a list of closed and closed. So, if you want to make sure you can sell a product, try adding an ASIN or Product ID to your seller account (Catalog-Add Product). Now click “Show Weakness”. Then do a search for other requirements. If nothing shows up, don’t recommend this product and you can continue. If you see the “Add to Sell” button, that means this product is for your Amazon FBA business only. So, before adding this product to your inventory, you need to follow the unlocking process as below. 

How to Get Ungated on Amazon Restricted Products?

Amazon adds a review process and security guidelines for Amazon products specifically. Sellers must go through an approval process to not be allowed to sell a long list of different products. To ensure that Amazon products are authentic and well-designed, sellers should follow these steps: 


Some things help sellers get through the approval process faster. Amazon also monitors quality performance metrics such as: 


Having strong evidence of product authenticity and good security and guidelines allows sellers to sell restricted products and remain in control. None of the things mentioned can extend the seller’s approval process, but it’s still possible.

 In addition, it is important to consider the following points: 

One of the ways to be safe on Amazon is to follow this guide: 

  1. Create a merchant account, which includes your valid address. In the case of a different LLC name, use both names. 
  2. Buy a few products in different styles to start the opening process.
  3. Review the invoice. But do check if the information you registered is correct. At the top of the invoice should be the name of your seller. 
  4. Submit products you can find in the category you want to sell.

You can find another method to free yourself as below:  

1) Sign up for a professional sales plan that costs $39.99 per month. 

2) After logging into your account, click “Add Product” and find the product you want to sell.

3) As you see the product, there is a link next to it “List of Limitations that can be applied” Click on it. The next step is to click “Request confirmation”.  

4) Now fill up the application form and provide everything that Amazon asks for. 

Instead of the mentioned methods, you can also use a stop service like “Funnel Guru”. This supports Amazon’s restricted product support for sellers. Within 24 hours, your Amazon seller account will be unblocked in the selected region. 

Final thought 

Although Amazon’s product restrictions seem to discourage sellers, it is understandable. Such restrictions will be common in the future as Amazon wants to protect its reputation and protect its customers and ultimately Amazon’s business. So if you haven’t started the cancellation process yet, you need to start it as soon as possible if you want to take your marketing to the next level. Some companies like OABeans offer 100% direct online shopping, including products that don’t require Amazon approval.

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