The Selling on Amazon Chrome extension is a real game changer for Amazon FBA sellers. If you want to do this type of business, you need to be efficient and skilled in many areas of the market. When choosing what to sell on Amazon, you need to calculate sales volume and revenue and research source products. There is a professional way to do this, even if it sounds silly. To be efficient and effective, Google Chrome and its Chrome Extensions package help a lot.


Best Amazon Chrome Extensions in 2022 

You can dig deep into your competitors’ data through voice and product analysis. However, by adding these tried-and-tested Chrome extensions, you can work more efficiently, not harder. Here, an in-depth explanation is given, along with a brief description of the extension. In addition, their most popular features are described. 


Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular Chrome ads by Amazon sellers. This tool is available both as an extension and as a web application. What makes it fast and easy to use is its convenient extension interface to find the data you are looking for. Outside of the United States and Canada, Jungle Scout is compatible with Amazon Marketplace in eight countries.

 With their Chrome extension, users can: 

RevSeller extension 

RevSeller is another popular Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. When you want to find another potential product idea, you can open this extension on the Amazon product page. This friendly interface gives you all the data you need to make quick decisions.

With the built-in Amazon FBA calculator, it is possible to break down the following factors for your FBA business:  


In addition, the calculation of the benefits of advertising will be possible. Also, the sales level, product part, UPC and ASIN are displayed on RevSeller. Its annual fee is $99.99. 


AMZScout Pro Extension 

Although searching for products is a tedious task, AMZScout makes it easy and fun as a Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. Using this extension allows you to get an FBA calculation to compare the price against the SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) provider. With this trusted extension, you will see the original brand of the app for each ASIN.


AMZScout returned the information below by clicking on your product idea:  


Seller App Chrome Extension

The next Amazon Seller Chrome extension is the Seller App, with which you can increase your Amazon sales using this tool. It comes in two flavors, a web app and a chrome extension. To perform a live search for future products, you can use this Chrome extension while browsing the online market. The subscription fee is $149 per month and you can use it for free for 7 days. 

Some of the amazing features of this extension that help you have a successful business are:


Helium 10 Chrome extension 

This Amazon Sellers Chrome extension is the answer to all your needs, including finding the best keywords for your products on Amazon. Using this extension lets you know how much money your competitors are holding and how they are filling their orders. The download, analysis and filtering of this data is Helium 10. It is free. This is all in one possible extension 


Keepa Chrome Extensions 

One of the most popular Amazon price controllers is Keepa. Millions and millions of Amazon products are tracked in the background by Amazon’s sales chrome entry 

When there’s a price drop on Amazon, it lets you know. Keepa is the best option for predicting future trends if you want to get a detailed price history chart. They are useful for online transactions. You can try a free trial and pay for full data for $18 per month.


Camelizer chrome extension 

A great review package for Chrome for Amazon sellers is Camelizer. Amazon FBA sellers can be contacted via email and Twitter 


To grow your FBA business, this extension is free and highly recommended.


AMZ Core Extension for topic analysis 

AMZ Base is an essential chrome extension for Amazon sellers for product reviews. Information on Amazon is checked against other online stores quickly with this tool.

It can also list products on Amazon and eBay. This Chrome extension has many features, eg 


All this important data helps you to improve the performance of this online arbitrage sourcing list.


Amazon Quick View DS Extension for competitive analysis 

With the free DS Amazon Chrome extension, you can easily: 

This data shows when you hover over the list. It has two versions, free and long; the latter costs $19.99. If you upgrade to the extended version, you’ll have more access to the best layouts and filters and Keepa interactive graphics.


AmazeOwl Chrome extension for FBA search 

You shouldn’t limit your product search to Amazon so AmazeOwl can help you a lot. Even without leaving Amazon, you can get powerful products that are very important for your FBA business. 

What makes AmazeOwl incredibly user-friendly  

There is a “Market Analysis” button that gives you more detailed information. To display data that matches your product criteria, this button generates a table. Besides Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, eight other markets are compatible with Amaze Owl.


Release Viral Chrome Extension 

The Viral Amazon Seller Chrome Extension may interest you if you are looking for an in-depth Amazon review. This market intelligence tool is designed to help you find profitable products on Amazon. Other features available to users: 



Amazon Assistant for Chrome 

The right Amazon Chrome seller extension is Amazon Assistant which offers the best deals from Amazon. 

Technically, this tool aims to improve the shopping experience. In addition to Chrome, this extension is also available for Firefox, Edge, Opera browsers. The main purpose of the Amazon Assistant extension is 



Honey Chrome Supplement 

Honey is one of the most popular Chrome extensions among Amazon sellers. However, it is not designed specifically for Amazon sellers and is well known for both personal and business use. It’s always nice to find unexpected offers and discounts on your merchandise, which help you increase your margins. Before entering the most useful codes, Honey performs the following tests immediately, which are very useful for achieving: 



Amazon FBA Keyword Tool 

For those who want to become Amazon FBA sellers, there is no doubt that this is one of the best tools. Usually, buyers find their products on Amazon through keyword research. 

By using the Amazon FBA Keyword Tool for any keyword, it is possible 



Unicorn Smasher

If you are looking for an all-in-one chrome extension for Amazon seller, then Unicorn Smasher is for you. Great for new FBA sellers for product reviews. With an integrated dashboard, it collects 


Also, one of the most hassle-free ways to find your product is to buy online. 


AMZ Vendor Browser Extension 

The last entry in the list of Amazon Seller Chrome extensions is AMZ Seller. Without special tools, searching for products on Amazon can take a lot of time. The AMZ Seller browser extension is one of the best Amazon Seller Chrome extensions designed for product searches. 

It helps Amazon sellers find valuable products to sell. The features of this extension are 



Final thought 

The most useful tool available to an Amazon seller is the Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions. Most of them are free. They help you improve your product search. You can perform budgeting, market forecasting, keyword research, and competitor analysis in Chrome. With the help of these useful tools, starting your Amazon business has never been easier.


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