One question in the mind of Amazon newbies: is it legal to sell arbitrage on Amazon? What if you are banned from arbitrating campaigns? It would be a good idea to do some research on your rules and products and brands before selling them for retail sale. This article will answer these questions and all other points related to the validity of commercial arbitration. So follow us to the end.


What is Retail Arbitrage? 

Buying the products from local sellers and reselling them in another market at a higher price is the simplest definition of business case. Usually, you get your products from local wholesalers at a discount, usually at a market, get them marked down, and then sell them on the online market for a profit. 

However, if you buy your products from an online store and then sell them to another online store, it is also known as dumping.


Is arbitrage allowed on Amazon? 

To clarify, selling on Amazon or trading in general is not illegal. But some workers say they’ve been suspended after the arbitration. The only reason for this problem is that they don’t follow Amazon’s rules.


When you sign up as a seller on Amazon, you are given a contract. Sellers often accept this agreement without reading the rules. However, the most important thing in starting any business is its legal research; otherwise, you may encounter big problems in the future. 


What will get you banned from Amazon?

 Amazon takes misleading customers very seriously. There is no doubt that the flood of complaints from consumers leads you to pause when customers get something they did not expect. Amazon’s mission is to provide customers with a consistent and transparent shopping experience. The main things that restrict your account are: 


Amazon Seller Code of Conduct 

Amazon expects you, as a seller, to provide accurate information to both sellers and Amazon customers. So to identify yourself, you need a business name.


Groups, products and anti-advertisements 

Due to Amazon’s own policies or legal or regulatory restrictions, some products may not be sold on Amazon. Also, you need Amazon’s support for certain types of products because the rules for closed types are different for each product, such as collectibles, fine arts, jewelry, etc.


Product description rules 

The description of a particular product on Amazon’s site is a web page known as a Product Detail Page (PDP). Details customers may want to know before purchasing are displayed here, including colors, prices, photos, sizes, reviews, shipping information and other important information. Amazon has rules for every aspect that you must follow. 


ASIN creative code 

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a 10-character code that identifies a product on Amazon. When you create a new product in the Amazon catalog, you will be assigned a unique number. The general guidelines apply to all types of products, such as new, refurbished, rental, used as new or opened, pre-approved. Some scripts have specific mode instructions.


 How do you avoid getting suspended on Amazon?

It would be better to avoid the errors below because they are the reason why your Amazon selling account will be banned. 

Amazon allows certain types of products to be listed as “used”. It is illegal on Amazon to sell used products as new.



Before listing a product, you should carefully review the help page for the restricted product. 


Customers will have a different experience with FBM compared to Amazon FBA, especially if they have a damaged item delivered or a return request. 


If you do, Amazon will remove your listing and suspend your account.


Your use of Amazon must comply with Amazon’s policies. Failure to do so may result in suspension of use of the Amazon App, disqualification, reporting, or revocation of selling rights. 


You must follow specific guidelines to ensure a safe and secure customer experience. 


Final thought 

First, we define what a business case is. Then you will understand that Retail Arbitrage is not illegal on Amazon. Next, you will know exactly what you are banned from Amazon. And finally, we give you some tips that will help you avoid doubts

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