The first question that comes to the mind of people starting Amazon FBA is whether Amazon FBA is enough money? What should I do as a new marketer to ensure they are profitable? Is it worth putting my effort into this? In the following, we will show the amount of Amazon bestsellers and the average cost of Amazon sales. This information will help you make your final decision whether to enter the Amazon market or not.


Average income of Amazon sellers in 2023 

In terms of online money worldwide, the biggest e-commerce seller is Amazon. 


Amazon.com dominates the online retail scene with its largest marketplace. Amazon among the third largest sellers generates about $ 80.5 billion in 2020. This increase is about 50% compared to last year. Generally, a seller’s income is linked to many factors. One of the most important things is the field in which the person works and sells their products. For example, the revenue from the book department, one of Amazon’s best sellers, does not compare to an unknown department with few customers. But in the following, we give you the general figure without considering the factors that affect the amount of money: 

About 20% of the sellers earn between $1,001 and $5,000, while 17% of Amazon sales earn less than $500. $ per month.

Amazon FBA revenue, which is the highest in a single month and exceeds $250,000, is earned by less than 6% of sellers.


How much money do Amazon sellers make the most?

Responses ranked the sellers on the list based on the last 12 months, showing the sales volume. These stats are for Amazon’s top sellers worldwide in 2023.

 The highest place in this list is recorded for a seller from Germany who earned about $300,000. When we look at the list, we will see Amazon sellers from other countries. Next up is India, which sells for $175,726. The UK is next with total sales of $171,349. You will find France in fourth place with a special contract of $117,224. A seller from the United States who sold for $111,488 reached the fifth level. If you scan the chart, you’ll see the Japanese in sixth place selling for $86,521. With a price of $86,096, another German has the seventh step. The other two Britons are in next place with total earnings of $79,522 and $70,474 respectively. Finally, a German can earn $68,835 a year in tenth place. 

Is Amazon FBA worth it in 2023?

Amazon FBA has become popular recently. During the pandemic, the number of people shopping online has increased dramatically. Also, the competition has increased, everyone who has a business is starting to sell on Amazon. Therefore, people wonder if it is still worth starting an Amazon FBA business. A few factors should be considered to determine whether Amazon FBA is still profitable despite the oversaturated market. The main ones are: 


Amazon FBA pricing 

Amazon services are not free. Using an Amazon warehouse to store your products has a cost based on the size and type of your product. In addition, Amazon has additional fees such as long-term storage fees for items held for more than a year. FBA disposal fees, FBA order removal, and FBA tagging services are other expenses you should consider.


Hassle-free business 

You can get more online resale by using Amazon FBA. Items are shipped easily and you don’t have to deal with different delivery services. You can get lower shipping rates and higher quality.



Opportunity to get more customers 

Your products must meet Amazon’s shipping requirements when using Amazon FBA. This increases your chances of winning the Buy Box and helps you attract more customers to your items.


What brands have ROI (ROI) on Amazon? 

Some people may work at the same time in the same category, but one earns more money than others. Therefore, it is not possible to say that a person working in one area earns more depending on the area of ​​work. 


Being frugal is key when selling on Amazon, but being open-minded is also key to making the most of the opportunity.

The benefits of different types are different from each other, but mainly you can find a small useful section in each type. 


Some of these articles are some of the best sellers like Sports & Outdoors and Home & Kitchen. But you should know that not all domains are profitable because the competition is increasing a lot, direct competition from Amazon, price war, PPC cost is increasing, etc.

In general, you can make more money in popular categories than in popular ones, such as Handmade vs Home & Kitchen. In the home & kitchen category, only 4% of sellers earn a net profit of 51% to 100%, while 9% of sellers earn the same profit in hand made.

In the table below, you can see the general number and number of benefits in different types: 

Final thoughts 

When you read this article, you will know how much money Amazon sellers earn and the average Amazon FBA income. About one-fifth of the sellers, most of whom earn between $1,000 and $5,000. It is possible to get more than $250,000, which is possible for less than 4% of sellers. Sellers who choose the wrong category can earn less than $500. Also, there are doubts about the value of Amazon FBA. Hassle-free transactions, Amazon FBA fees and the ability to acquire many customers are the factors that indicate that it is possible to make a lot of money through Amazon FBA. Also, you will be familiar with the Amazon article, which has a lot of return on investment (ROI). In general, categories such as books, video games, art and computers have a profit margin of more than 25% on average, and they are the best options for Amazon FBA transactions.

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