BSR or Amazon Best Seller Rank, also known as market rank, is the subject of this article. This ranking depends on the stock’s sales history and other parameters. Amazon’s algorithm does this automatically. In this article, we will take a closer look at BSR and tell you how to improve it. Stay with us.


What is Amazon’s Best Seller Rating (BSR)? 

According to Amazon’s manual, Amazon’s BSR is calculated based on sales on Amazon and is updated hourly to show new and historical sales for each item. To make things easier, Amazon lists the best sellers in different categories and categories. This determines the level of this product in different categories.


Note that the sales level depends on the level of the product and the variety. A product does not have an overall BSR but has different BSRs depending on the different sectors and sectors it is in. For example, tablets belong to both the electronic category and the category called Computer Tablets. Or men’s hoodies are part of the main category of clothing, shoes and jewelry, but its categories are: men’s sports hoodies and men’s sweatshirts. The BSR is calculated separately for each of these categories. 

If the product’s BSR score is low, the product is selling well in the same category. That is, a product with a rating of 1 sold more than a product (of the same type) with a rating of 10. But this figure does not show the price of the product sold compared to all other products sold on Amazon. If you are using the Amazon FBA business model, it is best to consider the best BSR of your product.


What Amazon considers in the calculation of BSR 

Amazon does not specify a standard for calculating BSR. But some factors that affect this level are: 







BSR displays both current sales and stock sales history.


For example, if a stock has 50 units sold in one hour but only 3 units sold in the next hour, this does not mean that the BSR will go down. Amazon’s BSR algorithm takes into account both recent sales and past sales. The following example explains this more clearly. 


We want to compare two product concepts in terms of phones and apps.


Suppose that the first product of the same type is in the 20th section and the second product of the same type is in the 40th section. The first product sold 600 units in an hour and the second produced 300 units.


Now, suppose that in the next hour, the first stock sells for 300 coins and the second one sells for 600 coins. It is different from the previous watch. Does this mean moving these two product positions to BSR? In other words, the first product ranked 40th and the second 20th? 

No! Stock positions do not change depending on their hourly market. Their sales history is also taken into account. In the example above, the sales of the original product of one hour are reduced but not necessarily doubled. In this example, the position of two products can change slightly by changing the market. For example, the position of the first product should be 25 this time (low five level) and the position of the second product should be 35 (high five level).


How do I find an Amazon BSR for a product? 

To find the BSR for a product, visit the product page on the Amazon site and scroll down to find the Product Information section. In this section, you can find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR. In the image below, this section is outlined. The product is 32nd in the category of video games (you can see the list of the top 100 products in this category) and 1st in the category of PlayStation 5 console. 

The image below is of a men’s sock. You can see that its Sales Rank is in the product details section.

If the sale of the product is low or it is placed on Amazon, the Amazon API can. It hasn’t been rated Amazon’s Bestsellers yet. In this case, this symbol is not visible on the product page.


How to Improve Amazon Best Seller Ranking?

 From the previous explanation, you must have noticed that a better rank in BSR means more sales. When a shopper comes to Amazon, if a product is tagged as the best seller in its category, they may go there. But increasing BSR is not an easy task. Remember that the Bestsellers Rank does not increase quickly even if you have a lot of sales in a short period of time. So you have to be patient and try to sell more. 


But how do you sell more? By trying to make your product look good. Here are two great ways to get product visibility in other markets. SEO and PPC (pay per click) advertising.

SEO services and promoting BSR 


If you use the right keywords in the product name and description, the chances of your product being found in customer searches will increase. Your text should describe the product well, be attractive, friendly and follow SEO principles. Try to use words and phrases that your target audience (potential customers for your product) use to search. In this case, your product will appear in their search results and the chances of selling your product will increase. More sales means a higher BSR rating.


The role of click-through advertising (PPC) in promoting BSR 


Some people think that clicking through Amazon doesn’t work. But it’s not. These clicks also help increase your product visibility. Remember, the higher your product results when a user searches, the more likely it will be found. One of the best ways to improve your product search quality and therefore improve your seller’s ranking is through click-through advertising.


 Is high BSR good or bad?

In general, remember that Amazon Best Seller Rank is a ranking, not a score. So, the lower the BSR, the more the product sells. For example, the top selling product in the kitchen product category has a BSR of 1. Amazon’s best seller list is a good indicator of how well a product has sold in a category. But comparing the market of a product with another similar product is not always enough for this feature. Remember that each customer may be looking for the same type and from that to your product. Therefore, your product’s Amazon BSR rating may be good in one category and bad in another. 


How to Use Amazon BSR to Estimate Sales?

Let’s look at this with another example. Suppose we have a product with a BSR of 1900. We know from our market analysis that a level of 1900 and BSR means 950 sales per month. But a month ago, our average BSR for 30 days was 3,500, and we had 420 online arbitration offers that month. But, last time, our BSR stock for 600 days was 600, and we had 1710 sales in that month. 

What do we understand from this data? We can see that if any other product on Amazon other than our product, Best Sellers Rank, has around 3,500 in our product category, it would have sold around 420 units per month. And if the product now chooses 600, that means that it sells around 1700 units per month. 


Difference Between Amazon BSR and Organic Ranking 

Novice Amazon sellers sometimes get confused between the two concepts. In short, BSR rank has nothing to do with product rank on the SERP or Amazon search results page. By now, we know how much Amazon Best Seller Rank means a product has sold. But what does organic quality mean? This means for one article, where the product appears on the Amazon search page. In fact, organic rankings are defined in terms of links and keywords and are linked to the Amazon search engine. 


Final Thoughts 

This article talks about Bestseller Rank, its position in the market, how it is calculated, and ways to improve it (such as SEO and click-through advertising). We mentioned that Amazon BSR products are defined in different categories, and we do not have a general BSR for products. We know that a low BSR means a high product position in the market. And if the product has a high rating, more customers will come to it.

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