Millions of sellers on Amazon sell their products and earn money from them. In this article, we will introduce you to Amazon’s best sellers and their sales figures. Don’t miss other articles if you want to know how much money you can make on Amazon.


Amazon’s best sellers worldwide 

One of the best features for finding sellers on Amazon is to look at the number of positive reviews they have received. In fact, there are two important criteria for identifying the best Amazon sellers: 



To keep the figure up to date, Amazon calculates the percentage of customer satisfaction with the products of different suppliers in 30 days, 90 days, 12 months and overall. In fact, on Amazon, usually, ten to twenty percent of customers write reviews and reviews for the products they buy. This means that in order to get a strong number of sales for each seller, the number of reviews they receive should be increased from five to ten times. Many retailers try to increase the number of positive reviews on their products by using customer acquisition methods, customer support and feedback tools. 


Besides amazon.com, Amazon has 16 shopping sites in different countries. A study of Amazon’s top 1,000 customers (as of 2022) reveals that after the United States, the following countries have the highest number of positive feedback sellers, respectively: United Kingdom (.co.UK), Germany (.de), Italy. (.it), France (.fr), Japan (.co.jp), Canada (.ca), India (.in), Spain (.es), Mexico (.com.MX), Brazil (.com. br) in Australia (.com.au). Providers from the Netherlands (.nl), Singapore (.sg), Turkey (.com.tr), the United Arab Emirates (.ae) and Saudi Arabia (.sa) are not among Amazon’s top 1,000 providers .


The Amazon seller, according to this list in 2022, is MEDIMOPS from Germany, selling more than 500,000 products on Amazon Germany. Most of these products are books and products related to music, movies and games. 95% of company reviews in the last 12 months (out of 250,000 reviews) have been positive. 


The second Amazon seller is an Indian company called Appario Retail Private Ltd, which attracted 92% of the 170,000 people. The company sells nearly 90,000 digital products of various brands (Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Redmi, etc.) on Amazon India. 


UK musicMagpie is Amazon’s third largest retailer of used mobile phones and other digital devices. The company also gave 96% positive feedback out of 170,000 reviews. 

Amazon Best Sellers in the USA 

The United States has the world’s largest economy and the second largest e-commerce market after China. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the United States, and its competitor (eBay) sells less than a third of Amazon’s. Amazon.com sells product details in the United States. Of course, this site also deals in other countries. Still, the three companies emerged as Amazon’s largest sellers in the US, outpacing other sellers among US consumers. 

Amazon’s top seller in the United States is Pharmapack, which sells cosmetics. Out of 100,000 reviews, this seller has 94% positive customer feedback.


Amazon’s second largest seller in the United States is AnkerDirect, the sole representative of the Anker brand on Amazon. The Anker brand is a Chinese company that sells mobile phones and computers (chargers, power banks, hands-free, etc.). AnkerDirect on Amazon can attract almost 100% positive reviews from 56,000 viewers. 


The third best store on Amazon USA is EP Family Direct. This retailer sells a variety of household items (such as organizers, cash registers and suitcases). Over the past 12 months, the company has attracted 97% of the 55,000 positive reviews.


How much money do Amazon sellers earn? 

Based on a late 2020 survey of 4,800 Amazon sellers, most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month. About half of salespeople earn between $1,000 and $25,000 per month. Almost two-fifths of Amazon sellers have sold more than $100,000 in their entire selling period. 

More than two-thirds of salespeople said they made more than 10% of their sales, and more than 38% said they made more than $25,000 in total sales. Six percent of the sellers who took the survey became millionaires selling on Amazon alone (earning more than $1 million). 

It should be noted that Amazon is one of the most popular shopping channels for retailers. They should use this opportunity to promote their products and sell more through other channels (including face-to-face sales and sales through their site). Almost 60% of sellers spend less than 20 hours per week selling their products on Amazon. Many sellers made a profit in the first year and 20% in the first three months. 


Most Amazon sellers (58%) have an initial investment of less than $5,000, and 18% of initial capital is low.


Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable?

The most popular way to sell on Amazon is FBA because sellers don’t have to deal with multiple levels of selling. This is why many sellers choose Amazon FBA Business mode to sell their products. But in total, how many sales can you count on Amazon? 

The research we discussed in the previous section shows that novice traders can expect a profit of $3,500 ($42,000 per year), assuming that they will get an 18% profit on their products. 


Final Thoughts 

Everyone wants their products to be Amazon bestsellers. The Amazon bestsellers are sold and uploaded for sellers in a variety of categories. For example, Amazon’s top sellers, which we’ve reviewed, sell jewelry, books, new and used digital goods, mobile and computer devices, and home goods. You can choose anything you want. If you’re lucky, you can find products that have been approved by Amazon Choice, an algorithm that recommends products to customers using voice search.

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