Like many other Amazon sellers, you may find someone else selling a counterfeit version of your product in your listing for a lower price. In this article, we will talk about how to detect and deal with pirated products from third-party sellers. So stay with us to continue.


What is Amazon Listing Hijacking?

When third-party sellers steal your product listings, they often counterfeit your products with lower prices and lower quality. They list their products under your Amazon listing. These sellers compete with you on price and push you out of the Buy Box. This means that sales from your ad will decrease. Also, as customers will buy these cheap and fake products, they will find that they are not good. Therefore, they are not satisfied and put negative reviews on your ad, which can affect your Amazon FBA business. 

You should know that hacking Amazon Listing is different from Amazon reselling. Someone who buys your products and decides to sell them is not a pirate; they are known as sellers. Most of the time, pirates are trying to sell you a fake version of your product. Therefore, you should proceed to remove the scammers from your Amazon list as soon as you see them in your list.


One of the main concerns of all Amazon sellers is that their listings are being compromised. According to the 2022 State of Amazon Sellers Report, 48% of sellers are concerned about pirates copying their Amazon listings. 


How to stop Amazon hackers?

There are several ways to protect your Amazon listing from Amazon thieves: 


Having your brand and/or logo on your product and packaging is the first step to prevent being listed by Amazon thieves. In addition to images showing the products for sale, you will also be able to see your logo and/or brand prominently in your listing. Theft from Amazon listings is very rare for products, which have clear evidence of logos and photos.


With unique packaging and unique designs, you can brand your products. Therefore, it will appear in other products, therefore, it will be more difficult for those who run to copy it. Many Amazon sellers think they are saving money by not having to manufacture their products. But this can cause problems in the future with hijackers, as you have little recourse against them.



Another way to protect your products from Amazon listing theft is to register your trademark. You must legally protect your brand against any hijacker who wants to use or copy your name and their own. 


You should know that you can file an infringement by relying on your trademark in the country where you registered the trademark. For example, for a trademark registered in the United States, you can report an infringement on Amazon.com, and to remove a pirate from amazon.de, you must have a trademark registered in Germany. 



You can also protect yourself against Amazon listing thieves by linking your Amazon products. When packaging, it is important to pack and support different products together to get a unique product. You can make it difficult for scammers to copy your product by using different packaging. Amazon will immediately remove any products listed under your listing that are not suitable for your package.



Having a website with your brand name and URL is another way to protect your Amazon listing. Additionally, list your products with EAN, UPC and/or FNSU codes. You don’t need a complicated website. It is enough to have a web page so that your brand can be displayed and your products can be published. You can use this website to review your products and brands. It can be said that the products listed are fake. 


The last option would be to offer your customer a discount, which will make them buy your product because they see your name or brand.


How do you know if another seller has compromised the products in your listing? 

There are specific signs that you can see that someone is stealing from Amazon listings. 


How do I report a fake item to Amazon?

It’s important to remove scammers from your Amazon listings as soon as you spot them. In the Seller Central help file, you can find Amazon’s anti-counterfeit policy. In this section, it is clearly stated that Amazon does not allow the sale of counterfeit products on its platform.

By clicking the “notify us” link, you will see Amazon’s policy and complaint form. Complete the current infringement report form. Within 24 hours, Amazon will respond to your request and the offer will be removed. Also, Amazon’s Seller Performance Team will send you an e-mail with the content “… the seller is listing your name … indicating that it has been removed from Amazon.com. We hope this will put an end to this issue. 


Another way to report seller violations to Amazon under Amazon’s counterfeit policy is to ask a friend to buy a counterfeit product. When you receive the product and take a photo, bring proof to prove that the item is fake and without your mark. Then email seller-performance@amazon.com and include your photo. Your email should include the number you want and your storefront URL. Amazon will respond to you within 48 hours.


Final Thoughts 

Amazon Hijackers or piggy packers are people who use your Amazon price list instead of creating their own list. They lowered your price to steal your Buy Box. Generally, their quality is lower than yours, which makes customers unhappy and gives negative reviews. By using it and having a sign, you can stop the runners. Organizing your Amazon products and creating a website for them are other ways to protect yourself from Amazon listing hacks. A last resort might be to offer a money back guarantee.

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