If you’re an Amazon seller and you haven’t heard of a seller board, let me show you what it is and how it works. First of all, the trading board is an all-in-one tool that will help you grow your business by analyzing current trends, gaining insight into the latest online auction offers, and increasing your profits. Sellerboard is an analytics service for Amazon sellers that closely monitors profitability and margins.


What type of Amazon business is required for software to sell? 

It doesn’t matter if you use FBA (made by Amazon) or FBM (made by the buyer), or a program like Prime by Seller, dropshipping, or even online judging. There is no limit to using a marketing board as a research service for your business. 


There are many different metrics such as gross and net worth, advertising costs, margins, return on investment, etc. Also, you have to deal with different types of fees and payments that may vary from country to country. Inside the sales dashboard combines all the indicators you need to monitor your sales activity.


General thoughts on the marketing board: is it really worth it? 

If you sell one or two types of products that you sell once or twice a day, you can calculate your profit and pay yourself. But it becomes difficult when there are many products and markets to follow. 


The easiest way to increase your profits and not waste your precious time is to use a trading board. Let the program do this tedious but still important task so you can focus on other important things like planning and forecasting your business activities. 

Among the sales tools, we can find inventory management, email tracking campaigns, PPC generators, LTV services, conversion status notes, refunds for lost or damaged goods and FBA errors. others. 


Want your customers to leave reviews on the items they purchased from your store? Try something called an “autoresponder” that sends an email to customers after they make a purchase on Amazon asking them to provide feedback on the product they received.


Another point is that KPIs can be delivered in text or spreadsheets, which can be useful for comparing data and results. It can be used on mobile phones.


A brief overview of marketing strategies and tools 


Live interactive dashboard 

This informative dashboard provides you with all the most important data such as Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fees, commissions), PPC advertising expenses, returns and refunds, promotion fees and your paid expenses (e.g. virtual assistant, preparation area). You can also check by time period (today, yesterday or this month) and by product.


Demo version

Maybe you are preparing to enter the world of Amazon and collect useful software information or you are a professional seller – it doesn’t matter. To fully understand how the seller’s board works, you do not need to have a registered account or be an Amazon seller. First, you can enter the “Demo” version to test the seller board, get to know it and find out if the Amazon seller review service is right for you. 


Free trial for up to 2 months 

You can get a free trial for 2 months instead of 1 month, using this link. Unlike the demo version, in the free trial, you actually connect the seller board to your Amazon account. Therefore, the trading board analyzes and manages your personal data instead of numbers and information. Bonus: this offer never expires and is available daily. 


Compatible with many devices 

One of the differences between the sales board and other similar services is that the board is suitable for users of all types of devices. Whether you’re on a laptop, mobile or tablet, you can track your online activity on the go. 


FBA error 

It can follow the FBA error. By using a seller’s board, you don’t have to rely on Amazon to provide refunds and refunds that it has rights to. Sellers can track updated information immediately and even request refunds that Amazon may have missed. Amazon has a good track record, but FBA mistakes are possible. Better to be safe than sorry.



PPC optimization and call automation 

The PPC Dashboard on the marketer’s dashboard monitors the value of your PPC campaign and helps optimize it for more profit, sales and better ACOS through keyword optimization and automation. Dealers calculate the ACOS break-even point and contribution based on your profit. And it’s a great feature to boost your social media!


Customer Lifetime Value Dashboard 

Have you ever wondered how much money you make for a customer in their lifetime? The answer lies in this new marketing board strategy. The total customer lifetime value (LTV) is based on the rules. When a customer returns to buy more than once, your profit from the original process is increased.


In simple terms, LTV is the value a customer brings to your business over the lifetime of their relationship.


Understanding the LTV of your customers helps you plan and budget for your customer acquisition. You can get a higher sales price for anything more than the original sales amount.


You can use this extra money for advertising, promotions, giveaways, etc., which means growing and developing your Amazon business. 


Follow-up email campaigns 

It can run full digital email marketing campaigns. Therefore, the user has nothing to do, but only specify the necessary parameters. This level of automation frees up the seller’s time and removes some routine tasks for a better decision-making process and focuses on the things that are really important in Amazon’s business. 


Automatic response 

Another common practice is to respond to customer messages. With AutoResponder, marketers can send automated messages to consumers, get feedback and reviews. The result: satisfied customers and less stress for the seller. 


Accessibility and sellers friendly design 

Something very important for those who use their time and effort to invest. Anyone can use a selling board, even a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you started your journey on Amazon or if you started many years ago. The business is growing fast and you can follow it directly and through real indicators and numbers. There is no limit to the size of the business, whether it is small or large and multi-million income, it is easy to understand and accessible for all types of sellers. 


Thousands of happy Amazon sellers have used the board to sell over the years. And if you are not one of them, you can start now! All you have to do is choose the service package according to your needs. What could be better than such a project that fits our design criteria and is friendly? 


Global market 

Every business reaches its limit one day and wants to enter and expand into other markets, instead of continuing to stop and stick to one place.


So, the best seller list can help you to enter markets like United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy and Mexico. It has global coverage. 


Tracking Trends

The seller dashboard is specially designed for tracking all important KPIs and preventing the seller from bad situations. These KPIs are for example BSR, sales, returns, profits. If any of these indicators have negative behavior, the seller will notice it in time and be ready to take action (eg lower the price, check the quality, advertise running, etc.).


You can select a KPI (such as rate of return) in the timeline and see a report showing all your products and their monthly performance (including KPI value and percentage change from the previous month). 


Sorting the table will show you at once all your problematic SKUs (such as those where the BSR fell last month compared to the previous month).


AI hidden costs tracking

Sellerboard is a specialist in accounting up to seventy (70) hidden Amazon commissions and all expenses, revealing them to the seller in easy-to-understand data, clearly presented. 


It helps sellers understand the intricacies of their business relationship with Amazon and how it works. This allows sellers to access data on any product, changes and prices at any time and at any time (day, week or month). 


This helps a lot in keeping production and sales at a minimum to maximize profits. It helps sellers maintain a good relationship with Amazon, which makes it even more profitable for the seller.


Cashflow tool

Marketing tools allow you to manage your financial processes. By clicking the “submit” button, you can show your other investment in the company, the amount paid for the stock, as well as dividends and VAT. Amazon’s fees and expenses are involved.


24/7 customer service 

Customer support is available 24/7 through the live chat box shown at the bottom right. The answer comes as soon as possible. Their team truly cares about customers and does their best to accommodate everyone’s requests. 


In summary: 

When it comes to complex projects or advertising tools, the sales board can have tough competition, but it is the best research service for Amazon sellers. It provides a useful tool for financial and customer-focused discussions, and is easy to understand and user-friendly.


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