If you’re an online retailer like Amazon, you’ve probably struggled with shipping your merchandise and products at least once. Freight forwarding can help you a lot in shipping your products and transportation problems. Join us in other articles to familiarize yourself with this beautiful and effective service. An important part of most profitable businesses is import and export. So you need international shipping, which brings you great business opportunities. However, the documents, procedures, and regulations in international business may scare you. A paralegal is there to help you, just as if you were in court with a lawyer. Below, we explain what you need to know about using a freight forwarder for your business-to-business shipment. 


What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders work as an intermediary between individuals or companies that arrange shipments for individuals or companies to the final destination of goods. To transport goods from one country to another country, freight forwarders often contract with one or more carriers. 

Amazon FBA Business Forwarder enables sellers to ship their goods from offices anywhere, even overseas, to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon will handle all shipping for anyone signed up for Amazon FBA, such as returns and refunds, import and packaging, and storing products in Amazon warehouses.


What does a freight forwarder do?

Forwarders don’t move the shipment themselves, but they have a professional logistics network. To transport the products from the manufacturer to the market, the freight forwarders provide various shipping methods such as road transport, rail freight, ocean/sea freight, air freight. 

The most comprehensive network in the world is that of Amazon. The following services can generally be provided by Amazon FBA freight forwarders in international shipping: 



Advantages and disadvantages of a load carrier 

A woman shows the strength and weakness of a weight-bearer on her finger 

Amazon freight forwarders are affiliated with many companies. Getting shipments from one place to another plays a significant role in any business – the shipping process includes many factors: from the distance to the size of the shipment. Amazon freight forwarders can perform a variety of tasks that save businesses a lot of trouble. Below you can browse the pros and cons of the carrier. 


Benefits of a freight forwarder 


The cost of a shipping company is very low as they ship goods in large quantities. Usually, small businesses don’t have a lot of shipping and they can’t afford high shipping costs. Therefore, freight forwarders are a great option for them. They offer you a competitive price, which any business can handle, even a business with no money. Although most companies decide all the terms of the contract, the freight forwarder will give you the details directly. You can get more profit from the invoice price request because the shipping cost is variable. 


Cargo shippers are chosen because of one of their most important factors: convenience. With a high-quality freight forwarder, you don’t have to worry about finding a warehouse, negotiating payments, or arranging transportation. 


There are services offered by freight forwarders, such as cargo insurance and transportation tracking, that are very useful for your business. Also, documentation, customs clearance, freight collection, and many other services like this are done by Amazon FBA freight forwarding, which provides the best value for business. 


With the help of a professional freight forwarder, you can be sure to deliver your goods on time. So, before choosing, it is very important to do a thorough research to find the best freight forwarder. You may think that it is expensive to find a reliable company, but you must consider that the services offered will be high. Finally, you can be sure that your products will be delivered safely and on time. An Amazon FBA freight forwarder knows all the shortcuts to find the fastest way to move goods from source to destination.


During transportation, product management is a big problem. Amazon FBA freight forwarders do everything from weighing the goods to measuring their volume. Before shipping, the shipment is stored in an Amazon warehouse. To ensure that the goods are not damaged, they are given special care. During transit, Amazon FBA freight forwarders also check the shipment to ensure it was delivered safely.


Cons of Freight Forwarder

Regardless of the modern technology you have today, product loss is an unavoidable risk when using shipping services. Your shipment may be lost at sea or during port transit.


Your products can be lost while being shipped by air, rail or even road. 


Usually, with changes in the price of oil and related materials, shipping costs change. Therefore, the original price may be lower than the actual price. Also, it will help if you consider that Amazon FBA Forwarder is not good for cheap things because of the particular cost calculation method.


How to choose a freight forwarder?

 An Amazon warehouse worker sends orders to people 

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a mover.


  1. Experience

 It shows how the freight forwarder deals with shipping matters such as warehouse, customs, shipping services, cargo routes, port closures. So experience with Amazon FBA is essential. 


  1. Global network of agents 

 A freight forwarder is responsible for handling your shipment at the origin and destination. That’s why it’s so important to have the right network of international agents. This network will help your products reach safely and on time. 


  1. Credential and certification

After choosing a freight forwarder, now is the time to check their references and certifications. In order to handle your goods, the Amazon courier must have special training and safety requirements. Ask for references as you prepare for the credential. 


  1. Customer Service 

 Obviously you need international support when shipping your products. So it would be better if you choose an Amazon forwarder with good customer service. This service gives you direct access to the operator responsible for your load. If you have any questions about your shipment, an open communication system is always available. With great responsiveness, they will inform you of any problems or delays regarding your goods. It would be convenient if they offer a tracking system, which helps you track your package yourself.



  1. Insurance options available 

 Generally, freight forwarders offer standard insurance plans to cover the basic costs of loss and damage. However, if your shipment is valuable and urgent, you can request other options. 


  1. Packaging services 

 When contacting movers, ask them about the shipping service and ask if it is included in their plans.


Final thought 

For various businesses, freight forwarding is a revolutionary activity, and it has played a major role in recent global trade. To reach a large market, Amazon freight forwarders are the best option with less hassle. They ensure that your goods go and reach your destination in a professional and timely manner. It would be good to do your research before choosing and trusting the company, choosing the right freight forwarder. Amazon’s FBA is a freight forwarding service that reduces the risk of your shipment. If you want to know more about supply lists and online auction offers, follow our blog.

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