Amazon has about two million third-party sellers around the world, and about 26% of sellers sell on Amazon. Wholesale on Amazon is very useful, but there are several things you need to know before taking the plunge. This article explains the legal requirements to set up a business on Amazon and the pros and cons associated with doing business. Also, we guide you step by step in running an effective Amazon business package. 


What is Wholesale Selling?

This is when you buy branded products in bulk directly from suppliers, manufacturers or approved retailers to resell on Amazon. Although you need more money when you buy products from wholesale suppliers, the price per item is much lower than if you buy your products from wholesalers. Retail stores like Walmart or Target. You can get more profit this way. 


Do You Need a Wholesale License to Sell on Amazon?

Dealers require licenses that are called differently in different states or cities. It is called a business license, tax exemption or something else. Dealers should be aware of the licensing requirements in their area. 


Is Selling Wholesale Worth it?

Group work is important and maybe scary. But because you can negotiate with suppliers, you can guarantee consistent, low prices for your business. Once you find the best one, you can get a predictable income. It saves your time because you don’t need to search for useful things every day and worry about the change. 


How to Start Wholesale Selling on Amazon?

Amazon’s prices can seem intimidating, but in a few steps, you can make your business. It doesn’t matter if you want to start an Amazon FBA business or a retail business, you need an Amazon seller account. Sellers are actually registered as professional sellers. Before starting your business, you need to get your business license. 


The next step is to review the product and save your product. Searching for products is very similar to what you do for an Amazon FBA listing. You need to find the most profitable product and consider the maximum value for your business. To do the most effective product research, use the right tools. Try to find the right things that are in demand.

Once you’ve found your favorite product, it’s time to find a supplier who can supply your items in bulk. The following websites are popular for ordering Amazon products in bulk: 



Alibaba is another popular website that many sellers use to find a supplier. But you cannot find brand name products on Alibaba and this website is suitable for private label sellers. 


Try to negotiate with the suppliers and negotiate a lower price. Minimum quantities are important and vary from supplier to supplier. It is best to request a check before ordering all of your merchandise. You can check the product for possible issues before investing in it. 


Big brands want to protect their value, so you need to prove that your business is valuable to them before they’ll let you resell their brand. Try to communicate and convince them of your business plan. Start with the smallest and if everything is going well, increase them. Remember, the secret to high profits on Amazon wholesale is to order in bulk. So don’t settle for low numbers when making sure your product is perfect. 


Then start taking notes. Make sure you use high-quality images and SEO-friendly descriptions. If you use the FBA program, others are on Amazon. Amazon handles the picking, packing, and shipping of customer orders. Just look at your inventory and customer reviews. 


Pros and Cons of Amazon Wholesale Selling 

Nothing is perfect and Amazon Wholesale has its pros and cons. Knowing them allows you to make smart decisions: 


Pros of Amazon Wholesale 


Less competition: Getting endorsements from established brands takes a bit of time and most people don’t want to struggle with that. 


Another benefit: The unit price is lower when you buy products in bulk. So you can get more profit on every sale. 


Less product research time: You don’t need different methods every day. Once you have found your supplier and negotiated a price, you will get from them. 


Cons of Amazon Wholesale

Additional fees: Suppliers often have the lowest prices. It increases the initial capital. 


Greater risk: If you buy a product that is not selling well, you will lose money. So it is very dangerous. 


The Hard Way of Getting Acceptance: Getting Acceptance from Big Brands is Hard. In addition, they have rules about pricing, advertising and… which you should follow. This complicates the management of the business.


What Wholesale Items Sell Best?

Often times, things that are small and simple are better choices when it comes to shopping. Because they are stored in bulk, it is easy to store small products.


Here are the top recommendations from experienced customers: 



Is it Legal to Buy Wholesale and Resell? 

In general, you can legally resell any product you purchase. But here, there are two points you should consider: 


Certain products such as electronic products are covered by the warranty. It can cover you for any repairs for a certain period of time. As a third party vendor, this warranty does not cover your customer. You can only give your license to the customer.


Copyright and trademarks are very important to Amazon. If you use their logos and trademarks without permission, property claims can affect your business. Amazon will not allow you to resell them and you will lose your product. 


Final thought 

When professional sellers want to take their business to the next level, they often start Amazon Wholesale. They can produce the products at a lower cost and generate a consistent income stream from the products and their suppliers. Wholesale on Amazon is risk-free and has advantages and disadvantages. You can think of this process as a business plan that is leveraged when you have a successful business.

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