Amazon is the fastest growing online platform in the world, shipping around 1.6 million parcels a day. The fierce competition between active sellers is making it difficult for aspiring sellers to enter the Amazon marketplace. As a result, selling is not as simple as before and sellers must build a successful brand to maintain a niche of customers.

Here are ways on how a seller can build a successful brand on Amazon and beyond.

Product Quality and Packaging must be 100%

Since Amazon packages may take a while to arrive, the product’s “unboxing” is a crucial factor for most people. Some folks just want to see a product that is worth the wait while some record the opening of the parcel online. Therefore, the product must be packed neatly in the box with the bonus of aesthetically pleasing elements, freebies, and even a customized thank you note.

The company’s mission and story must be conveyed in the tiny box so customers feel more connected with the brand. For example, if the product is workout leggings, a poem about loving one’s body on a card can be attached to the product so it is the first thing the customers see.

However, the quality of the product must be maintained above all else. Durability is key to maintaining customer retention because people can leave favorable reviews or recommend your product to other people. After all, the best marketing tool is having a product of the best quality.

Increase Product Visibility Outside of Amazon

The key to building a brand is creating demand outside of Amazon and leading them to the application– directly to your product. Branding styles can vary depending on the target market for your product. As a seller, identifying the demographic is essential to define the marketing strategy fit for the brand. Aside from age brackets, there are two different types of consumers online:

Either way, affiliate marketing, Tiktok, and other forms of reviews are great avenues to create external hype using social media platforms. By utilizing social media platforms to their highest potential, both frequent and inactive Amazon users are encouraged to go directly to the product through a link or search for it in the app itself.

Take Advantage of Amazon SEO


Factors such as pricing, product photo, and product title can help the listing land some clicks, but a chunk of sales is a result of Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Brand and product awareness is crucial to secure customers who are not frequent on the Amazon app.

Utilizing Amazon SEO helps your listing be the first one to appear on the results page. By driving traffic to your product, you inevitably increase product/shop visibility increasing sales. According to Amazon, SEO can be applied in these parts of an Amazon listing: Keywords (long-tail and short-tail), Product Title and Image, Product Pricing, and Description, among others.

SEO optimization combined with competitive pricing will help your product get noticed, even by people merely searching on Google. For example, if a person searches “vacuum cleaner” on Google, your listing will be one of the few results with SEO optimization but your pricing and product reviews will help you land the click and secure the sale.

As the competition between Amazon sellers increases, a seller must be able to maintain a competitive edge and branding through the use of social media platforms, marketing strategies, and Amazon SEO for the product to creatively reach its intended audience.

Maximize Amazon’s PPC Program

Amazon has introduced a low-cost option for sellers to optimize their brand visibility on the platform. If you are adamant on building a successful Amazon business but you are financially bootstrapped, you can look at Amazon’s Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) program as a low-cost option.

The PPC Program boosts your business by sponsoring your content – what that means is your product pops up when your potential audience is searching for a product on Google or on other platforms. As an Amazon FBA seller, your only job is to pay a small amount every time your product is clicked online.

Amazon’s PPC Program is considered by successful FBA businesses as an efficient tool to target ads to customers who have access to a plethora of products on the platform. If you “sponsor” your product, it also appears on the first page of your audience’s search results.

The Buy Box Is The Cream of Your Crop

Tenured amazon sellers would tell you that the Buy Box is crucial to succeeding in such a competitive selling platform. The Buy Box is a small, white section on the right side of an Amazon product detail page. This page section is where customers can add items to their cart – and for this reason, the Buy Box is a dream destination for all FBA businesses.

We all know that the Buy Box is highly coveted, and that is exactly why it is so difficult to obtain. Only sellers with stellar selling metrics have the luxury of obtaining the Buy Box! Most newbie sellers have a ways to go before they can win the Buy Box, but here are some base criteria to help you get started:

  1. Get a professional Amazon seller account. Only professional sellers are eligible to have the Buy Box option.
  2. Set competitive prices!
  3. Get positive feedback from your customers. Low return and refund rates are crucial metrics to help your case with Amazon Seller Central.
  4. Make sure to get your delivery on point! Fast and efficient deliveries give you plus points.
  5. Manage your inventory volume effectively.

Remember, your reputation is paramount if you want to build a successful brand on Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s customer-centered strategy and stiff competition, you will need to keep your eyes peeled on making sure you get visibility on the platform.

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