If you’ve been an Amazon seller or even just an Amazon customer, you’re likely familiar with Amazon’s own private label brands, most notably Amazon Basics. As a customer, shopping from an Amazon private label brand can help you save money on your favorite products, which are typically priced much lower than the leading brand.

But for sellers, an Amazon Basic brand in your niche, selling similar or identical products, can definitely be a cause for concern.

Should you be worried as a seller about Amazon selling a similar product as yours? Keep on reading to learn more about Amazon Basics and their other private label brands and how to navigate this as a seller.

What is Amazon Basics?

Amazon Basics (often stylized as AmazonBasics) is Amazon’s original private label brand that was launched in 2009. The brand offers many products, including home goods, electronics, travel, office supplies, and much more.

Amazon Basics products are typically sold at a lower price than name-brand products, but they are still known to be of high quality.

On top of Amazon Basics, Amazon has over 100 other private-label brands with tens of thousands of different product offerings.

How Amazon’s private label brands impact Amazon sellers

Seeing how many different brands and products Amazon offers under its own brands is definitely concerning. Especially considering how affordable its products are compared to those of notable brands.

As you can see from the example above, a 20-pack of Amazon Basics batteries is half the price of Duracell’s 24-pack!

Here are some ways Amazon’s private label brands can impact a seller’s business:

How to compete against Amazon Basics and other Amazon brands

Now just because Amazon may be your competitor does not mean their product will automatically be the best seller or the best quality. Sellers need to stay focused on their business and ensure they’re offering the best products possible.

Let’s review how Amazon sellers can compete with an Amazon private label brand.

Does your brand compete with Amazon Basics?

If you find that Amazon is a competing brand for one of your products, do not fear! Follow the advice we laid out in this article to ensure your brand and listings are the best they can be.

In e-commerce, there will always be competition, you just need to learn how to adapt and overcome any obstacles you encounter.

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