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Is BMB Matrix a Game Changer?


We Provide the Products

Traditionally if you’re looking to start a dropshipping business you would sign up with companies such as Doba or Worldwidebrands. These companies specialize in providing you millions of products that they will dropship directly to your customers. Sounds awesome right?…..Wrong! The problem with these companies is that everyone in the world has access to these products therefore everyone ends up selling the same products with little to no profit.

Each client is given their own unique set of products that has been carefully selected based off supply and demand on Amazon. Not only do we supply the products, we list it and manage the listings inside your Amazon account so you can focus solely on selling. Most importantly, our products are guaranteed to generate at least 25% – 30% profit!


Have an Army at Your Fingertips

Typically with all dropshipping companies, you pay a monthly fee to access their products and they could care less where you sell it or even if the products sell. They do not provide any support for listing your products or help when you need it most. Their only relationship with you is for you to pay their monthly subscription and they provide the products.

One of the things that make BMB Matrix stand out from the rest of our competitors is that we do all the dirty work so you don’t have to. We find the products, we list them into your account, we manage the product listings for you, and we provide support when issues arise so you can continue to grow your business stress free. Since we provide the products we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed.

We Provide a Proven Marketing Plan

The number one reason most people don’t make money online is because they don’t have a plan. They don’t have the slightest idea on where to start selling and if they do get that far, they get overwhelmed and do nothing or end up giving up.

Try asking these other dropshipping companies for help to sell your products and they’ll laugh if you even get a response. If you’re lucky to get a response, they will most likely point you to generic articles that offer no real tangible plan. We know exactly what is required to sell online because we actually sell online. Mind-Blowing concept right? It amazes me how companies try to give advice on selling online when they have never actually sold online. The ecommerce landscape changes every single day and if your feet aren’t to the pavement you’ll soon find your strategies to be outdated.

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