Invest in a Portfolio of Profitable eCommerce Stores

With over 600 stores under management, we hand selected our top performing stores and created a basket of ecommerce stores that produce at least $18,000 a month in profits.

The World's first Fractional Ownership eCommerce Company

Own a Percentage of a basket of successful ecommerce stores

Basket of Stores

Each portfolio has at least 12 stores that generate revenue of at least $10,000 a month

Seller Marketplaces

Each Portfolio includes Amazon stores, Walmart stores, Etsy stores, eBay Stores

Monthly Payouts

Receive a monthly percentage of the sales from your basket of stores



Fractional ownership of Successful stores without any of the risk or exposure. We’ve hand selected our best performing stores and packaged them into a portfolio so that we can own a percentage of their monthly profits.


  • Evaluate the financial performance of the basket of stores

  • Receive weekly sales performance of your portfolio

  • Receive monthly payouts of your profits
winning products


With over 600 active stores under management, we know exactly what it takes to build a profitable ecommerce business. We’ve hand selected our top performing stores, and created a simple portfolio for you to acquire for residual income.


  • Each portfolio includes Amazon stores, Walmart Stores, and more!

  • Each portfolio generates at least $28,000 of billing profits

  • Own a percentage of those monthly profits

  • Direct deposits to directly to your bank account


Pricing Plan

Portfolio A


Portfolio B


Portfolio C


Acquire your eCommerce Portfolio today and start receiving payments in 30 days.

Select the basket of stores that you want to own,and start getting paid a percentage of their profits in 30 days.

Everything You Need to Make an Informed Decision


Vetted Stores

Each store in our portfolio has been vetted using over 200 metrics to assess the store’s viability and potential growth.

  • Each store in your portfolio produces at least $2,000 in monthly profits

  • Each portfolio contains a variety of marketplaces for diversification

  • Receive weekly reporting on your stores performance

Metrics that matter

Measure your portfolio’s performance with detailed reporting and financial metrics

  • View financial performance and P&L Summaries

  • Understand revenue, customers, and growth

  • Analyze audience and customer acquisition data

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